Joyner Lucas & J. Cole - “Your Heart” press photo
Photo by Aaron Smalls

Joyner Lucas and J. Cole release a music video for their “Your Heart” single

Joyner Lucas is a critically acclaimed, 2X GRAMMY®-nominated rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts. J. Cole is a popular rapper from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Your Heart” single, produced by Palaze, LC, and Hagan; and co-directed by Joyner Lucas and Ben Proulx.

Joyner Lucas & J. Cole – “Your Heart” music video

“You say you hate me, but I know that this your song, yeah. Angry texts ’cause we don’t ever get along, yeah. We been rockin’ with each other for so long, yeah. Maybe that’s why it’s been harder to move on, yeah. And you changed too, and your mama and your friends think I’m to blame too. And you hate it when somebody say my name, ooh. Every time you hear my name, you wanna drink, ooh. You wanna go out, you wanna get drunk, you wanna get lit. You wanna get crazy!!! Do everything that you never did. You wanna get bent, you want the revenge, you wanna get d***. But you ain’t about that life, so you might f*** a b*tch.” – lyrics

‘Your Heart’ finds Joyner Lucas calling out an angry ex-girlfriend set on revenge at all costs. J. Cole flips the perspective to reveal that the blame actually lies with his friend, who was disloyal first and is now reaping what he sowed.

‘Your Heart’ follows Lucas’s controversial and thought-provoking, Lil Tjay collaboration, “Dreams Unfold.” Also, the song follows the Lil Baby assisted track, “Ramen & OJ,” which topped Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist and now has over 75 million streams on the platform. Furthermore, fans can enjoy Lucas’s “Shoot My Shot” single on the official Space Jam 2 soundtrack.

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas press photo

Last month, Joyner Lucas presented Joyner Fest in his hometown of Worcester. During the sold-out event, Lucas performed alongside Lil Skies and Milliz at The Palladium Outdoors. His latest album, EVOLUTION, was released via Twenty Nine Music Group/TheOrchard. The album includes the tracks: “Like A River (Feat. Elijah James),” “Snitch,” and “Fall Slowly (Feat. Ashanti).”

“Your Heart” single

Joyner Lucas & J. Cole - “Your Heart” song cover art

‘Your Heart’ is an independent production created with Tully, the new groundbreaking artist platform. Tully was co-founded by Joyner Lucas and Dhruv Joshi (manager/technology entrepreneur). The platform empowers artists and artist management teams to control their workflows while managing work product and studio assets in one place.

By reducing his overheads, Lucas was able to put all his focus and the power of his team behind the track’s creation to create a one-of-a-kind collaboration. He hopes to inspire other independent artists to do it their own way moving forward.

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