j ember

j ember releases an alternative-rock tune, entitled, “something more”

j ember is an alternative-rock singer/producer out of Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an alternative-rock tune, entitled, “something more”.

j ember – “something more”

“4:35 and I’m drunk again. Been a long time since I’ve seen you settle in. I’m out of touch not out of mind. Forgive me, but, I’m ready for something. 250 all alone on the back road trying to find my way.” – lyrics

“Something More” is a slow-to-mid grindin’ alternative-rock tune that contains elements of psych, indie pop, and hip-hop. Also, it’s perfumed with a sentimental aura, warm vocals, and fresh instrumentation.

j ember

“‘Something More’ is the product of a freezing-cold night. Last winter, when Hayden Wolf (Once a Tree) and I were lugging all this recording equipment around the city, scrambling to find studio space. After getting booted from a couple of studios, we grabbed a bottle of wine and went to go work at Hayden’s apartment. Also, we wanted to make a song with a dreamy landscape, one that combined rock leaning guitars with hip-hop percussion, something that felt nostalgic yet modern. By the end of the night, ‘Something More’ came into the world.” – j ember

The artist is a representative of the do-it-yourself movement, which finds individuals building their dreams themselves without seeking help from reputable third parties.

“Right now, everything is DIY. We’re shooting the videos ourselves, making the cover art ourselves, and producing the music wherever we can.” – j ember

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