Moving Mirrors - “Never Going Back Now” press photo

Unlocking the Meaning Behind moving mirrors’ “Never Going Back Now” Single

moving mirrors is a London-based five-piece band. Not too long ago, they explored love’s lost light in “Never Going Back Now,” a reflective offering that details fading feelings within a relationship. Jam-packed with clever twists on common adages, raw drum grooves, and gothic allure, this unconventional heartbreak song is a beautiful balance between heartfelt emotion and slick instrumentation.

moving mirrors – “Never Going Back Now” single

The lyrical inspiration for “Never Going Back Now” is the often-sore subject of yearning for romantic love to return to a long-term relationship. “Never Going Back Now” is neither happy nor sad, but rather reflective as shown through clever wordplay and twists on common adages; call it “love language.” The gothic allure of the guitar riffs, along with the dark lyrical content formidably delivered by lead singer Sophie Lentle, is in direct contrast to the raw energy coming from Nick Jones’ powerful, driving drum grooves.

“Never Going Back Now” epitomizes moving mirror’s path from fresh-faced greenhorns to nuanced songwriters, utilizing their connection to all corners of the U.K., and their wildly varied music tastes. Continuing to explore a myriad of art-rock, pop, and indie, “Never Going Back Now” is the first single lifted from moving mirrors’ upcoming debut EP, available in the summer of 2024.

moving mirrors – “Never Going Back Now” single

Moving Mirrors press photo

“It’s not a conventional heartbreak song but also not an overly uplifting one. So, it was a cool challenge to try and capture the specific emotions of the lyrics within the style and balance of the instrumentation itself as well. The inclusion of the backing vocals in the track choruses, for example, makes things more rhythmic in contrast to the verses which sound a bit more melancholic thanks to the guitars, so it was a creative challenge in the studio to try and get this balance just right but actually a really enjoyable process.” – moving mirrors explained

moving mirrors formed in late 2022 after meeting through online musician search apps and other musician compadres. Having been actively involved in the music scenes in their respective cities, the band believes each location adds its own little spark to create moving mirrors’ kaleidoscopic alternative sound. Whether that be the atmospheric percussion from Bristol, the rich history of Rock and folk from Liverpool, or even guitarist Christo McCracken’s active involvement in the Norwich experimental DIY scene, influence is aplenty for the (now) East London-based unit.

The band’s first singles “Wilder State of Mind” and “Borderline” were released in early 2023, with well-received live performances across London throughout the year. The third single “Second Hand Lover” landed in the summer of 2023 and received acclaim from grassroots blogs, cementing the band to be one to watch heading into the new year. With a debut EP written and recorded, and much more to offer, the band set their sights on maturing their sound, and a headline show at Two Palms Hackney on 13th March 2024.

moving mirrors – “Never Going Back Now” single

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