Zoe Ko – “Touch Therapy” press photo

“Touch Therapy” by Zoe Ko Details Intimacy and Physical Connection

Zoe Ko (@itszoeko) is an LA-based singer-songwriter from New York City. Not too long ago, she released a new alternative rock single, “Touch Therapy,” via Big Loud Records.

Zoe Ko – “Touch Therapy” (Lyric Video)

“Touch Therapy” is not just a song about desire; it is a commentary on the broader themes of human need and the quest for connection. The raw and primal depiction of desire reflects the fundamental human longing for closeness, intimacy, and the life-affirming power of genuine physical touch in an increasingly disconnected digital-leaning world.

Zoe Ko sings passionately, “I called the doctor, been feeling weak. They said, ‘It’s stress get in bed but don’t sleep, your body’s lacking vitamin D.” The mention of a lack of vitamin D metaphorically points to a more profound deficiency: a scarcity of human connection and intimacy. Later, Zoe admits, “I need touch therapy, Baby, touching you touching me.”

“Touch Therapy” will resonate with Hayley Williams, Gwen Stefani, and Olivia Rodrigo supporters. The song represents how tangible interaction can serve as a lifeline, suggesting that in the context of a modern relationship, physical touch transcends mere comfort, becoming essential for emotional well-being.

“I got a fever I can’t suppress, and all the pills never work so I’m bent over the counter at CVS.”

Zoe Ko – “Touch Therapy” press photo

“‘Touch Therapy’ was born out of the most teenage dream night you could imagine. I was seeing a boy in L.A. and one day he drove me around to different outlook points and we eventually ended up at a drive-in movie… needless to say I barely remember that movie because I couldn’t see out of the steamy windows of the back of his truck. Being from NYC this rocked my world!! I had never hooked up with a boy in a car. It was so rom-com movie esque and it changed my life ha-ha. I was hooked since that first night and it felt like therapy in a sense. So thus, my story and concept for touch therapy was born. I’m one of the most sex-positive and do it for the plot people you could meet so this song felt like second nature. It was so so fun to make. Shoutout to the boy who rocked my world in the back of his truck in L.A.” – Zoe Ko explained

Zoe Ko has a distinct style to go with her confident attitude. Driven by electric guitar and powerful, bold vocals, her music resonates with the spirit of a new era while paying homage to the iconic sounds of the past. Infusing every track with infectious energy, she pulls in new listeners like a magnet, turning them into devoted fans ready to hit the dance floor.

Last November (2023), Zoe released her EP “Baby Teeth,” which featured a succession of acclaimed singles like “Rib Cage,” “Petri Dish,” and “Pink Noise.” Her releases of “DIRT” and “EAT” followed earlier this year, and also to critical acclaim.

Zoe Ko – “Dirt” music video

“I have my girls with me, there’s a dirty grungy warehouse with huge speakers and a gross bathroom, what else do you need for a fun night out?! I wanted to have lots of dancing in this video because to me, going out is dancing out all your stress from that week. This music video was my favorite to make in my career so far! Everyone’s vibe was amazing on set and in a way, it did actually feel like throwing a party!” – Zoe Ko stated

Zoe’s DSP Placements for “DIRT” included and are not limited to: Apple Music’s New In Alternative; Spotify’s young & free (COVER, #1), salt (#3), DOPE AF (#4), teen beats, New Noise, and the New Alt; and Vevo’s Incoming Alt (#5). “EAT” also received massive support from all DSP platforms.

Zoe Ko – “Touch Therapy” single

Zoe Ko - Touch Therapy cover art

“Eyes roll to the back of my head, hot and heavy rockstar. Slip me out of my dress, it doesn’t matter where we are. I don’t wanna dance, get me in your parked car. Put some breath on the glass, yeah, that’s what I need. Let me show you how to start the CPR, put your hand on my chest. Don’t you give it no rest, just press.” – lyrics

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