Zoe KO - “DIRT” press photo

Discover Zoe Ko’s “Dirt” Single: An Ode to New York City

Zoe Ko (@itszoeko) is an LA-based singer-songwriter from New York City.  Not too long ago, she released a music video for her new single, “Dirt,” written with and produced by Jonny Shorr (UPSAHL, Catie Turner, GAYLE). The song marks Zoe’s first release with Big Loud Rock, the alt-rock imprint of Big Loud Records in partnership with Double Down 11.

Zoe Ko – “Dirt” music video

“I have my girls with me, there’s a dirty grungy warehouse with huge speakers and a gross bathroom, what else do you need for a fun night out?! I wanted to have lots of dancing in this video because to me, going out is dancing out all your stress from that week. This music video was my favorite to make in my career so far! Everyone’s vibe was amazing on set and in a way, it did actually feel like throwing a party!” – Zoe Ko stated

“DIRT” is a gritty dance track that doubles as an ode to New York City, with an accompanying music video directed by Brea Lynn. The video showcases an electrifying journey into the heart of New York City’s nightlife, capturing the essence of a wild night out in one of the city’s iconic clubs and Zoe’s favorite. With a gritty warehouse setting, booming speakers, and a touch of the unexpected—a Halloween rat head cameo—the video pulsates with the energy of a carefree evening with friends.

Zoe Ko

Zoe KO - “DIRT” press photo

“I’m from NYC baby!! Raised there my whole life. I wouldn’t be the crazy bad b*tch I am without it. NYC is often looked down upon for its grit, intense hustle and bustle, garbage on the street, rats, pigeons, cockroaches, scary subways, etc. But to me, though sometimes admittedly not the most wonderful things to endure, those elements of the city were fun, real and influenced me into becoming an adaptable and adventurous person.

When I moved to LA I missed all the grit and dirt NYC had. I missed its rawness and the people in it. Though this is an exaggeration, I found myself surrounded by more girlies in lulu lemon outfits and drinking Hailey Beiber smoothies in their snazzy cars than ever before. There was a fakeness and showiness to this city that I wasn’t used to.

So a few weeks into living here I walked into Jonny’s (prod and co writer) studio and started ranting about how much I miss NYC and it’s ‘dirt’ and how I didn’t understand where LA was hiding theirs. I loved the word DIRT so much I decided it needed to be turned into a gritty dance track I would hear in one of my favorite clubs in NYC, so I could bring some of NYC’s dirt to the City of Angels.

I’d like to say, now living in LA for 7 months I actually love it here lol. And when I wrote this song I was being a bit insane, dramatic, and homesick HAHAAH.” – Zoe KO explained


Zoe KO - “DIRT” press photo

Zoe Ko has become a prominent voice in today’s crowded musical landscape. With her refreshing vulnerability, she welcomes new listeners, envelops them like a warm hug, captures their hearts, and turns them into dedicated fans. With fierce energy and flirtatious charm, she has quickly become a musical force to be reckoned with. Last November, she released her EP, “Baby Teeth,” which featured a succession of acclaimed singles like “Rib Cage,” “Petri Dish” and “Pink Noise.”

Zoe Ko

Zoe KO - “DIRT” press photo

Zoe is the cheeky rockstar this generation’s been craving. Combining her flirtatious charm with her fierce energy and commitment to highlighting the female experience, Zoe’s music resonates with today’s craving for authenticity and empowerment. Raised in New York City, you can tell Zoe is the ultimate city girl by her thrifty style and confident attitude. Driven by electric guitar and powerful, bold vocals, Zoe’s music resonates with the spirit of a new era while paying homage to the iconic sounds of the past. At only 23 years old, you’ve only seen the beginning of Zoe Ko.

Big Loud Records

Big Loud Records is a dynamic music conglomerate that took shape in 2015. Under the leadership of CEO Seth England, a four-time Billboard Indie Power Player, the label has achieved monumental success with over 34 billion global on-demand streams, 18 No. 1 U.S. airplay, 26 No. 1 Canadian airplay hits, and more than 70 RIAA-certified titles.

Steered by seasoned music executive Greg Thompson, Big Loud Rock is known for its innovative artist-development strategy, Big Loud Rock’s diverse roster includes genre standouts Blame My Youth, Letdown., HARDY, Jagwar Twin, Yam Haus, BIZZY, and mercury.

Double Down 11

Double Down 11 is a Los Angeles, CA-based company focused on various sectors of the music business. The company was founded in 2021 by Evan Lipschutz, an A&R veteran with over 20 years of experience signing artists and making global hit records.

Double Down 11 manages a boutique roster of multi-platinum songwriters, producers, and mixers such as Tyler Spry, Jonny Shorr, KillDave, Jon ‘JFK’ Kaplan, Josh Varnadore, and Rob Auerbach. The company also publishes artist and writer KiNG MALA and writer/producer Courtney Ballard ***Always Double Down on 11.

Zoe Ko – “Dirt” single

Zoe KO - “DIRT” cover art

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