Zoe Ko - “Rib Cage” press photo
Photo by Nikoli Partiyeli

Zoe Ko releases a nostalgic pop single, entitled, “Rib Cage”

Zoe Ko (@itszoeko) is a young singer-songwriter from New York. Not too long ago, she released a nostalgic pop single, titled, “Rib Cage,” via Doorstep Music Group/Double Down Eleven/Zoe Ko.

Zoe Ko – “Rib Cage” single

“I got a disease where I miss things that were never there. Unpack all my boxes to tape them up again in a year. Places lose their meaning so fast I never get the time to decorate a room, hammer in the screws, and paint the walls the way I like. It’s a dream that I find inside a fever and a headache that never goes away.” – lyrics

‘Rib Cage’ is about healing. Zoe Ko comes to terms with the instability and hardships of her childhood, a realization that homesickness can often be found in a person. They say home is wherever the one you love is, and Zoe believes this wholeheartedly. Someone you know inside and out, like a family home.

‘Rib Cage’ is heartbreaking with constantly building instrumentation that concludes with a strong emotional release from the ever-present tension. The harmonies and raw lyricism tie all these ideas together into one. Furthermore, “Rib Cage” contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with fans of Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, renforshort, and Chloe Lilac.

“I got a routine of forgetting things I wanna keep.”

Zoe Ko - “Rib Cage” press photo
Photo by Nikoli Partiyeli

“‘Rib Cage’ is about the feeling of homesickness finding itself in a person or partner rather than a physical house. When you find your person and love someone, they often become your home. I moved so frequently as a kid, had divorced parents, and never truly felt settled. I don’t have a family home to go to or reference in my memories, so I’ve found the feeling of homesickness attaching itself to a person my whole life.

I recently have been dating around and finally have a partner now, and already I can sense myself starting to know them inside and out the way one would memorize every floorboard and paint chip in a family home. This song has helped me come to terms with the feeling of being uprooted and a nomad all my life and redirecting what to focus that feeling on. ‘I’m searching through your ribcage like a closet | use your lungs as my pillow | I know you with my eyes closed | like something that I’d miss, you could be nostalgic’ pins the feeling of experiencing someone becoming a home.” – Zoe Ko explained

Zoe Ko journalizes her life through the emotive juxtaposition of upbeat and moody pop rock. Her vulnerable lyrics and infectious melodies make her songs feel as intimate and electric as dancing alone in your room. Currently releasing her debut array of singles, Zoe is quickly establishing herself as a prominent tastemaker in today’s modern lane of alt-pop.

Zoe Ko – “Line” (Official Music Video)

To date, Zoe Ko’s “Line” single has amassed over 415K streams, landing on numerous Spotify editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds ‘Class of 22’ and Young and Free. Then she released a strong follow-up single from her sophomore release, “Til U,” quickly landing on Spotify’s New Music Friday. Her single, “Lovesick in Public,” has seen editorial placements including Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop and Rock ‘Best of 22’, The New Alt, and Apple’s New In Pop.

Zoe Ko – “Rib Cage” single

Zoe Ko - “Rib Cage” cover art

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