Empara Mi - “Saving All My Love” photo

Empara Mi unveils an appealing audiovisual for her “Saving All My Love” single

Empara Mi is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer from Guernsey. Not too long ago, she released an appealing audiovisual for her “Saving All My Love” single.

Empara Mi – “Saving All My Love” music video

“I worked with an amazing girl called Ash who directed the video for ‘Saving All My Love.’ We both share a love of beautiful sentiments and meaningfulness behind our videos. So we wanted to create something that could be colorful and bold but still tell the story we wanted to tell through the movement.” – Empara Mi stated

‘Saving All My Love’ displays a never-before-heard side to the avant-garde artist. The likable tune finds Empara Mi expanding her contemporary pop production with danceable beats. She injects warm pulsating synths into a reggaeton-influenced rhythm introducing a dark new sound for the dancefloor. Furthermore, “Saving All My Love” serves as an exciting taste of what is yet to follow from the dynamic artist in 2021.

“Saving All My Love”

Empara Mi - “Saving All My Love” poster

“I’ve never released anything like ‘Saving All My Love’ before. Quarantining back home gave me the time and discipline I needed to challenge myself and hone in different types of production I haven’t tried before. I originally wrote this track on piano but it never felt finished. I’ve always thought that there was something beautiful about a sad song you can dance to, so that’s where I wanted to take it.” – Empara Mi stated

‘Saving All My Love’ is the first taste of brand new solo music from Empara Mi since the release of her highly acclaimed mini-album, “Suitcase Full Of Sins,” at the beginning of this year.

“Suitcase Full of Sins” mini-album

Empara Mi - Suitcase Full of Sins cover

“‘Suitcase Full of Sins’ is a compilation of all of my demons over the past five years. I wanted to pour all the fractured states of my mind into the music. Hence the journey between chaos and complete solitude but always with a side of EXTRA. I was lucky enough to work with some incredible producers, Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Childish Gambino) and Owen Cutts, to create a world around the songs with no fear of genre, which is why each song feels more like a scene from a movie as they each play their own role in the album.” – Empara Mi

The album showcases Empara Mi’s captivating artistic journey since her emergence in 2016. So far, the project has accumulated over two million streams, while she has amassed over six million streams across all her tracks.

“Saving All My Love” single

Empara Mi - “Saving All My Love” cover

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