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Empara Mi releases a music video for her “Blood in the Water” single

Empara Mi is a London-based singer-songwriter from Guernsey. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Blood in the Water” single.

Empara Mi – “Blood in the Water” single

“I feel like everyone acts out the end of a relationship in their heads before it happens. Maybe as a coping mechanism; to prepare ourselves for the worst and to see how we will take it. This video was meant to capture that mental snapshot, the beginning of the end and all the fighting and anxieties that come with it.” – Empara Mi

The music video tells an interesting tale of a pre-breakup mental state which symbolizes phases of love, argument, and fighting amid vibrant allegory.

Apparently, the woman who shares this dying relationship with her significant other senses that they might be too far gone to resuscitate the love that they once had for each other.

Later, she admits that because they were lying in a bed filled with roses and thorns, that’s why they are torn apart now.

‘Blood in the Water’ contains a dramatic storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with a commercial pop aroma. Also, it’s the follow-up single to “Crying”, which is an intoxicating introduction to the vision of Empara Mi.

Empara Mi – “Blood in the Water” single

Empara Mi - “Blood in the Water” artwork

“The video is the journey of the breakup. It begins in a dreamlike state where everything feels safe, but suddenly you can’t control the involuntary warnings flooding your brain. Slowly the walls begin to crack and the other person’s colors start to show.” – Empara Mi

Empara Mi emerged in 2016 with her critically acclaimed debut single, entitled, “Wanderlust”. Since then, her music has amassed almost 3M streams online via Spotify.

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