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Empara Mi releases a cinematic music video for her “Crying” single

Empara Mi is a highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a cinematic music video for her alternative single, entitled, “Crying”, produced by Lemonthebeat.

Empara Mi – “Crying” music video

“The director Matt Hutchings and I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite movie moments, the ‘dying scene’ in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. We wanted it to feel cinematic and have the romanticism of the scene but deliver a different message. Instead of taking her life, she alone saves it instead.” – Empara Mi via Wonderland

The haunting audiovisual finds Empara Mi seated on a chair inside a fairytale castle.

It’s nighttime, and numerous lit candles provide the only light which enables her to view the crystallized teardrops descending from the sky.

‘Crying’ contains a dreamy storyline, harmonious vocals, and stripped-down instrumentation embedded with an echoing piano chord and distorted vocal samples.

Empara Mi – “Crying”

Empara Mi – “Crying” video still

“This song was inspired by some of the messages I receive from young girls and boys who are struggling with their sense of identity and find themselves trying to get out of a dark place. I want the song to be hopeful and encouraging but also an ode to their courage.” – Empara Mi via Wonderland

Empara Mi emerged in 2016 with her critically-acclaimed debut single, entitled, “Wanderlust”.

Since then, the song has amassed over 3M streams online via Spotify alone.

Now, the talented songstress has returned with a fulfilling tune that’s destined to satisfy her adoring fans’ and music lovers’ craving for fascinating music.

Empara Mi – “Crying” single

Empara Mi – “Crying” artwork

“My god, I hear you’ve been crying. I feel your teardrops from the skies. Your pain’s the same as the lighting. Sometimes it hurts to be alive. So keep on living for me, won’t you? Keep an eye out for my soul too. I grow weary of the routines, I need something new.” – lyrics

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