Cortez versus B. Dot

Cortez versus B Dot [King of the Dot’s Rap Battle]

Cortez versus B Dot happened at King of the Dot’s #BATB4 event. Prior to the battle, critics and battle-rap fans were wondering if rising West Coast battler B. Dot could beat Cortez, who is arguably 2016’s Battler of the Year? Or, would Cortez finally garner the respect he deserves by putting B. Dot’s career in a lyrical coffin?

Cortez versus B Dot

Cortez’s first round was amazing, and it questioned B. Dot’s Black Power belief.


“You’re a Blood that turned preacher, that image to me is conflict. Your sh^t reminds ‘em of the pyramids, my sh*t reminds them of the projects. Ni^^a I seen this all before, while you was out preaching to them boys, we was scheming on the law. You studied hieroglyphics, same sh*t, I woke up to the graffiti on the wall.â€

Cortez versus B. Dot

“You talking all this Black Power bullsh*t, and that’s what excites fans? But you still chose Organik over Smack, so you’re working for the white man.â€

But B. Dot didn’t let Cortez slide with those damning accusations. He attacked Cortez with a brief history lesson about the plight of Cortez’s Native-American ancestors.

B Dot

“You wouldn’t understand this, especially since your man just came to Los Angeles bearing the name Cortes, which caused so much pain to my fellow Hispanics. But you’re Boricua, Brown Pride, see that’s the picture you paint for the canvas. Well, I’m erasing the color patterns to get back to the surface I’m scratching. We all heard of them Spaniards, they came to the land of your ancestors considered the indigenous savage. Well, what happened? You supposed to be Taino, now you claiming you Spanish that’s the language of the oppressor. I guess they made you convert to their habits.â€Â 

B Dot’s strongpoint is rapping from a historical angle. Also, with so much book knowledge, it’s evident that B. Dot, who rapped some bars in Spanish, knew more about Cortez’s heritage than a History Professor at Princeton University.

“Let’s talk about who Hernan is? Hernan Cortes that’s the name of the Spaniard that came to Los Angeles, and turned the Aztecs into Hispanics. I mean, Los Angeles used to be Mexico, we probably battled it out on the same spot where we standing, so you gots to get shot with the canon, I gotta do ya send a shot into ya. This is Black Love Brown Pride Shaka Zulu meets Montezuma.â€

Cortez versus B Dot

Cortez versus B. Dot + Battle Rapper

“Just be Taino, reconstruct the culture of your ancestors from their birthplace. Pray to your Gods like Zeme, Mabuya, you know the ancient deities that make the earth shake. You don’t know what that mean bro—you’re just a Gringo that go wherever the green go.â€Â 

B Dot versus Cortez will go down in history as a classic battle because it provided us with colorful entertainment, lyrical wordplay, and a mind-stimulating dialogue that will surely inspire us to do some research about our history.

We gave the battle [usr 4.3] with Cortez winning the first round and B Dot taking the third. The debatable question is—who won the second?

Watch Cortez – “For the Fame” (feat. Jays Ink) or listen to his “16 N’ Better Volume II” album:

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