B Dot

B Dot keeps it real during his interview on the Angryfans Radio Show

B Dot is an L.A. Battle Grounds battle-rapper. Not too long ago, he kept it real during a recent interview at the Angryfans Radio Show. The main topic was supposed to be about B Dot’s recent battle with Cortez, but the West Coast spitter dished out issues that he’s having with the Ultimate Rap League (URL), and a whole lot more.

“I’ma keep it a buck with Y’all, ‘cause at this point, I don’t have no filter. I don’t care how anybody takes anything… So, here’s what happened? I was in conversations with the Ultimate Rap League for a minute, and how I look at it—nobody’s ever gonna make me look at myself as a worker, as an employee.â€

B Dot is addressing his recent attempt at booking a battle on URL, whose business practices are being scrutinized by a few bloggers. The disgruntled party’s main gripe is this—they want battle-rappers to have the option of battling wherever, and whenever they like—with no restrictions or contracts.

But this is America people, and the URL doesn’t see it that way. Being the biggest brand in battle-rap, the URL is pretty much sitting at the top of the food chain. And if they are putting their time, money, and energy into promoting a battle-rapper, then, in return, they want that battle-rapper to be contractually loyal, and exclusive to the URL brand.

But there should be a few exceptions to the URL rule, and B Dot is one of them. He is already known and battle-tested, and as an independent contractor, he would add value to the URL brand, without them having to break their piggy bank.

“How I would always look at myself, whether it’s battle-rap, music, or anything—I’ma always look at myself with the potentiality of being a business like every Black man should. So, I look at myself as an individual entity, as a business. When I was talking with the URL, my whole thing was collaborating, not conforming, but collaborating. So, when I was trying to collaborate with them, everything was good.â€

B Dot

B Dot and Cortez at The Bunker

“So, when King of the Dot hit me, I’m looking at that like—for me that’s an L.A. move. Look at the card, pay attention to the card. KOTD came to L.A. and they put L.A. brothers on the card. You understand what I’m saying? They gave L.A. ni^^as the chance to showcase their skillset on a big platform—I’m not sure if URL would do that. So, for me I took it as a chance to do something for L.A.; and I looked at it like it was something for L.A, and then after that I can potentially still do a battle with URL.â€

Like we stated before, the communication between URL and battle-rappers are cool until battle-rappers chose to perform on URL’s rival’s platform. It’s just like boxing, you have Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions. Promoters Bob Arum and Oscar De La Hoya. Each promoter signs boxers to exclusive contracts, an accepted business practice, and these signed boxers, or any professional athlete, aren’t allowed to perform on an opposing promoter platform unless an agreement is made.

But, in B Dot’s case, he isn’t signed to the URL. So, he didn’t violate any URL policy when he battled on KOTD’s ‘The Bunker’ event. KOTD offered B Dot an opportunity and he took it. But, was his decision to battle at the ‘The Bunker’ the right one?

B Dot

B Dot at The Bunker

“I wasn’t looking like that as a diss, like I’m choosing (sides). Like when Cortez said I chose, I would never use that word in a sentence because basically what you saying is—you a slave, like you have to choose one plantation over the other. You can never get me to conform to the option of a choice. I’ma do everything, and I’ma battle on KOTD, URL, and RBE. Also, I’ma battle on whatever if it’s a dope opportunity. That’s how I look at myself. I’m not sure how everybody look at themselves. So, when I chose to do that battle, URL took that as a diss. They took it personally; and I was just like man, that’s crazy.â€

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