Ananya - “Let There Be Love” press photo

Ananya unveils a stylish lyric video for her “Let There Be Love” single

Ananya is an LA-and-London-based multi-platinum singer-songwriter from India. Not too long ago, she released a stylish lyric video for her “Let There Be Love” single, produced by Grammy-winning Aaron Pearce (Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Pitbull).

Ananya – “Let There Be Love” lyric video

‘Let There Be Love’ finds Ananya pouring a lifetime worth of love into the atmosphere. The catchy summer tune contains an inspiring narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with an irresistible electro-pop aroma. Furthermore, “Let There Be Love” follows hot on the heels of Ananya’s (2019) debut EP, entitled, “Fingerprint”, and the standalone track, “Day Goes By”, featuring Sean Kingston.

“Ananya wants to change the way people perceive artists coming out of India.”

Ananya press photo with yellow Nike sneakers

“All my music is driven by an urge to connect with people. To share with them in the experience of being human–the good, the bad, and the ugly. I don’t think that Big Questions and Big Feelings are incompatible with catchy pop. So I want to explore them all in my music. I feel like we are all going through this collective trauma right now. Maybe, we have been for a long time, and it’s just erupting right now. So I wanted to give a voice to that. To the sparks of hope and truth being born right in the middle of it.” – Ananya stated

Ananya is one of pop’s most exciting young talents. She is signed with Maverick Management (Lil Nas X, Kim Petras, The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus). In 2017, she became the first homegrown Indian artist to go platinum with an English song in India (“Meant to Be”). Since then, the charming songstress/pop sensation has accumulated over 300 million global streams. Also, she has performed at some of Asia’s biggest music events and opened for major artists including Wiz Khalifa.


Ananya Birla press photo

Ananya is gearing up for the release of her highly-anticipated second EP. The anticipated project is set to be released in late 2020. Listed as one of GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians and a Forbes Woman to Watch, Ananya is a strong believer in equality. In 2016, she set up Mpower, which works to stamp out the stigma around mental illness in India. Also, to provide world-class care where there has been little to date. Recently, she launched one of the first mental health helplines in India for those struggling during the pandemic and held music events to support the organization. Furthermore, Ananya promotes female empowerment through her business, Svatantra, which means ‘freedom’ in Hindi. The company helps women entrepreneurs in rural India grow their businesses and become financially independent.

“Let There Be Love” single

Ananya - “Let There Be Love” cover

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