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Bria Lee releases her “One Shot [Remix]” single featuring Fat Joe & Pitbull

Bria Lee is a New York-based singer-songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island. Not too long ago, she released her “One Shot [Remix]” single featuring Fat Joe and Pitbull.

Bria Lee – “One Shot [Remix]” feat. Fat Joe & Pitbull

“Having Fat Joe be a part of ‘One Shot’ was pretty epic. But now to have Pitbull hear the song and want to be a part of it is a perfect way to blend soul with a street edge. I love how Pitbull’s flow adds an international vibe.” – Bria Lee

‘One Shot [Remix]’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, urban pop, and reggaeton elements. Also, the song possesses an identical sample used on The Beatnuts’ “Off the Books” single. Not too long ago, Lee released a music video for the original version of her “One Shot” single featuring Fat Joe.

Bria Lee – “One Shot” featuring Fat Joe

“The beginning of the ‘One Shot’ music video pays tribute to one of my father’s favorite movies, ‘Scarface’. The video depicts a strong woman taking control of her toxic relationship.” – Bria Lee

Bria Lee grew up in a musical household in Providence, Rhode Island. Her father’s dying wish was for her to pursue a music career in New York City. After his death, she was heartbroken but decided to grant his wish.

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