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Ananya Birla releases a music video for her “Day Goes By” single featuring Sean Kingston

Not too long ago, India’s pop sensation Ananya Birla and multi-platinum artist Sean Kingston released their latest collaborative effort, called, “Day Goes By”. The two heavy-hitters first hooked up last year.

Ananya Birla – “Day Goes By” video feat. Sean Kingston

“‘Day Goes By’ is about the early stages of falling in love, when you just can’t get enough of each other. You know that intoxicating feeling when all you can think about is the other person? And it totally takes over your life! Sean and I knew we wanted to put together a track that captured that, and when we got into the studio it just sort of wrote itself.” – Ananya Birla 

Recorded in L.A., “Day Goes By” was co-written by Sean Kingston and Ananya Birla. The song opens on suave R&B textures flavored with tasty reggae savors, along with a popping Latin-laced rhythm. A fat, throbbing bassline juxtaposed against gleaming surface colors infuses the tune with both thick and frothy aromas, sumptuous and seductive. Also, Birla’s delicious voice, velvety and rich, blends with Kingston’s lush tropical tones, imbuing the lyrics with scrumptious harmonies and smoldering sensuality.

Ananya Birla – “Day Goes By” single feat. Sean Kingston

Ananya Birla - “Day Goes By” cover

“I met Sean back in 2018 when I opened for him on his India tour. We got on straight away and he is so laid back and down to earth. He really vibed with my sound and we said we’d get in the studio together next time I was in L.A. So when I was over, we linked up. The song came together so quickly.” – Ananya Birla

Sean Kingston recently completed his SRO 17-performance world tour, followed by dropping a new single, “Peace of Mind”. Equally busy, Ananya Birla dropped Fingerprint, her debut EP in May. The EP features her hit single, “Blackout”, with WurlD and Vector. Then she hit the road, opening for Wiz Khalifa’s India Tour.

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