Yoshi Flower

Yoshi Flower releases a music video for his “Brown Paper Bag” single

Yoshi Flower is a Los Angeles-based alternative artist. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Brown Paper Bag”, a boomin’ single from his “Brown Paper Bag (Maxi)” project.

Yoshi Flower – “Brown Paper Bag”

“Go put that money in that, oh, my brown paper bag. Know your love’s gonna last even if I was hopeless. My scribbled notes are your tats on your front and your back, I don’t even need a notebook. Oh, rob and steal, everything you conceal. All the ghosts from my past get a toast and I laugh as I choke on this gas.” – lyrics

The short video finds Flowers in the desert seated in a chair with his arms tied around his back. Also, he’s holding a yellow flower, a representation of himself. The next scene shows a duplicate Flower putting a brown paper bag over the head of the original one. Shortly afterward, the duplicate walks away with an electric guitar dragging in the sand.

We recommend adding Yoshi Flower – “Brown Paper Bag” single to your personal playlist.

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