Sebastián Yatra x Myke Towers - “Pareja del Año” music video press photo taken in the Adrienne Arsht Center theater in Miami, Florida.

Sebastián Yatra and Myke Towers release an appealing music video for their “Pareja del Año” single

Sebastián Yatra, the “undisputed leader of the Latin music market,” is an award-winning, multi-platinum artist from Colombia. Myke Towers is a rapper/singer from Puerto Rico. Not too long ago, they released an appealing music video for their “Pareja del Año” single, which translates to ‘Couple of the Year.’

Sebastián Yatra x Myke Towers – “Pareja del Año” video

“‘Pareja Del Año’ is my first time working with Sebastián. On our new collaboration, we bring together the duo of the century. Also, this song brings together the best of both worlds. It’s a classic. It’s what music is all about.” – Myke Towers stated

‘Pareja del Año’ is a song about a person you can only imagine, so you dream of the perfect relationship. Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengif, the iconic producer duo, composed the track during an afternoon between friends. Shortly afterward, they shared the track with Sebastián Yatra. The melodies and lyrics flowed from there before Sebastián invited Myke Towers to add his creativity and originality.

The beautiful Daniel Duran-directed music video was filmed in the Adrienne Arsht Center theater in Miami, Florida. The video finds Yatra and Towers singing about the mystery of a perfect relationship.

Sebastián Yatra

Sebastián Yatra - “Pareja del Año” music video press photo taken in the Adrienne Arsht Center theater in Miami, Florida.

“‘Pareja Del Año’ represents where I am right now musically, blending pop and urban genres. Everything Myke Towers does is out of this world so I’m excited to collaborate with him on my new single.” – Sebastian Yatra explained

‘Pareja Del Año’ shows the constant musical evolution of Sebastián Yatra as an artist. Also, it highlights his innovative style which fuses rhythms, instrumentations, and genres. Furthermore, “Pareja Del Año” follows mildly on the heels of Yatra’s debut late-night television appearance for his 2x platinum RIAA certified single, “Chica Ideal,” on A Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert on CBS appearing alongside collaborator, Guaynaa.

Sebastian Yatra & Guaynaa – “Chica Ideal” performance

‘Chica Ideal’ has accumulated over 400 million global streams across various platforms. The song has gained multi-platinum certifications across the USA, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Ecuador. Also, it achieved the #1 spot on the radio in nine countries, #1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart, and #19 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

The single peaked at #31 on Spotify’s Top 200 Daily Global Chart, #46 on YouTube Music Global charts, and landed in Spotify Top 200 Daily charts in 17 countries. Plus, it landed on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Daily charts in 11 countries. Furthermore, “Chica Ideal” has achieved more than 450k TikTok videos, amassing over 230 million views. According to YouTube Music charts, the single is currently one of the most-watched videos in the world. Not too long ago, Yatra released a brand-new remix featuring Black Eyed Peas-producer and rapper

Sebastián Yatra, Guaynaa, & – “Chica Ideal (Remix)” single

“Growing up, I always listened to and The Black Eyed Peas on the radio. So to have the opportunity to collaborate with him on my biggest single yet, in Spanish too, is a manifestation of my childhood. Also, it’s a really special moment for me. ‘Chica Ideal’ is a fun song made with my friend, Guaynaa, about finding love, and a good distraction from everything serious that we are affected by daily. I’m happy the song is spreading joy around the world, and I’m blessed for the multi-platinum certifications we received this week too.” — Sebastián Yatra stated

Chica Ideal (Remix)‘ contains an endearing narrative, bilingual vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Bad Bunny, Nicki Nicole, and Lunay. Also, the love-friendly tune possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with Urbano Latino, reggaeton, and Latin pop elements. Furthermore, adds his signature verses in English and Spanish, adding playful energy that matches the original song.

“Working with Sebastian Yatra and Guaynaa for the ‘Chica Ideal (Remix)’ was great. This is the beginning of a great collaborative relationship. Also, I can’t wait to work with them on more music in the future.” — stated

Sebastián Yatra x Myke Towers – “Pareja del Año” single

Sebastián Yatra x Myke Towers - “Pareja del Año” song cover art

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