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SACHI releases an electro-pop tune, entitled, “Love Me Now”, featuring CXLOE

SACHI (Will Thomas and Nick Chrisp) is an electronic-EDM production duo from Auckland, New Zealand. Not too long ago, they released an electro-pop tune, entitled, “Love Me Now”, featuring rising Australian star  CXLOE.

SACHI – “Love Me Now” featuring CXLOE

“Don’t gotta say I’m the one. Think we’re a little too young for commitment. Don’t gotta ruin the fun, let’s not pretend that it’s something it isn’t. It’s okay, it’s alright, we don’t gotta decide if we wanna do this forever. Maybe once, maybe twice, maybe for the night. We don’t gotta end up together.” – lyrics

‘Love Me Now’ tells a wonderful tale of two young lovers who decide to celebrate being in the moment. The likable tune contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and slick drums. Also, the song possesses energetic instrumentation scented with an electro-dance groove.

SACHI – “Love Me Now” featuring CXLOE

SACHI - “Love Me Now” single featuring CXLOE

SACHI smashes the boundaries between electro-pop and house. Also, their music harnesses an unabashed, unfiltered, and undeniable energy. So far, the dynamic duo has accumulated over 25M cumulative streams and earned two gold singles back in their native New Zealand—“No More” and “Shelter”.

‘Love Me Now’ is the first single from their latest EP, entitled, “Nights With Ruby”.

Stream SACHI’s “Nights With Ruby”

“Ever since we started making music, we wanted to create moments to share with friends. We want to give everyone an uplifting and euphoric experience. The EP paints this picture of different energies coming together as a whole. We want people to connect and have fun with us.” – SACHI

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