Rook Monroe press photo by Chris G Cleary
Photo by Chris G Cleary

Rook Monroe unveils a lovely contemporary soul tune, entitled, “Pink and Purple”

Rook Monroe is a talented singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a lovely contemporary soul tune, entitled, “Pink and Purple”, created with the production duo Trackside (Tinashe, DJ Snake, Khamari).

Rook Monroe – “Pink and Purple” single

“A product of society, what happened to teenage anxiety, and not feeling at all? Grenadine in a sunrise, five and it’s goodnight, but three is a good time. I’ll paint a picture, here it goes. Warn you, I’m no Michelangelo. But even he had to start somewhere. Why not the unknown? A sky of pink and purple hues. Now, that’s a sky that I can cry out to.” – lyric

‘Pink and Purple’ finds Rook Monroe echoing his reference, “Michelangelo”, while laying his anxieties and dreams patiently bare. The likable tune contains ear-welcoming vocals and rich harmonies. Also, the song possesses piano-driven instrumentation that builds Monroe’s narrative to its climactic breakthrough in the penultimate chorus. Furthermore, “Pink and Purple” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Monroe’s upcoming self-written project, which features contributions from Trackside and Grammy Producer of the Year winner, Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen).

“It’s human to feel. But I feel, I feel, I feel and it scares me.”

Rook Monroe press photo

“It’s human to feel. But I feel and it scares me just as much as it does the next person. But no less scary. Too much emotion, too little emotion. It’s a balance we long for, and rarely achieve. One we reflect on our whole lives and never fully understand. Whether everything seems to be going right or wrong, sometimes we feel the need to cry out even if we’re unsure who we’re crying out to.” – Rook Monroe stated

Rook Monroe emerged in the spotlight after releasing his debut single, entitled, “Jolie”. So far, the likable tune has landed on prominent playlists including Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, Tidal’s “Pop: Rising”, and Apple Music’s “Wake Me Up”. Also, as a songwriter, the artist-to-watch penned Rihanna’s critically acclaimed, “Desperado” song, and more singles for artists ranging from Jeremih to The Chainsmokers.

“Pink and Purple” single

Rook Monroe - “Pink and Purple” cover art

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