ORKID drops a poppin’ pop tune, entitled, “Wasted (Acoustic Version)”

ORKID (Matilda Melin) is a 21-year-old Swedish pop singer. Not too long ago, she released a poppin’ pop tune, entitled, “Wasted (Acoustic Version)”.

ORKID – “Wasted (Acoustic Version)”

“Said we won’t go this far. Oh, such a mess you are. But I seem to forget. We’re better off when we’re wasted. We knew it all along that we could feel this way.” – lyrics

‘Wasted’ is a sensual tune which highlights fun times in a romantic relationship. The pretty storyline finds a loving couple in a bedroom having a good time enjoying each other’s company.

An alcoholic beverage is nearby and they are taking swigs from the bottle every now and then. After a while, being sober is no longer in the equation, and that’s when the fun begins.

Suddenly, they don’t realize each other’s flaws, and now they have the liquid courage to explore each other’s body. One thing leads to another, and they find themselves in bed, struggling to get down to their birthday suits.  



“Wasted’ is about hiding behind the comfort of your excuses. Maybe you dare to say or do things with another you’re attracted to…when you know you really shouldn’t go there. No matter how strong the chemistry, sometimes that’s just not enough. The rush is much more fun than the reality.” – ORKID

Not too long ago, ORKID released a music video for the original version of “Wasted”. Check it out below.

ORKID – “Wasted”

The Jonathan Markström-directed video finds the singer burning a red rose, signifying an end to a dying love. The following scene shows her in front of a building, wearing a black fur coat with a black hat to match. The color signifies what people wear at funerals. She’s free, out in the open, enjoying her alone time, which is a reflective moment for her.  


ORKID’s music draws the listener’s close because it’s ear-welcoming, pleasant, and relatable. Therefore, we recommend adding both versions of her “Wasted” singles to your personal playlist.

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