ORKID “Bed Of Roses” press photo
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ORKID returns with an emotional New Pop Single, “Bed Of Roses”

After recently returning with her stunning comeback single “Proud,” her first piece of new material in three years to commemorate the recent passing of her mother, Swedish artist ORKID (@itsorkid) continues the support for her upcoming EP “WHERE FLOWERS GROW” with the dazzling new single, “Bed Of Roses,” via Warner Music.

ORKID – “Bed Of Roses” single

“Slowly wait for the sun to set, our sky is burning like cigarettes, hold me close this is endless. Don’t look away, miss a shooting star over hills where the clouds are far, see the veins of our city. Don’t care, when we’ll be leaving, drive fast, speed through the seasons cause we’ll last into the afterglow. All night trace every inch of your skin so I can remember this time after the curtain call.” – lyrics

“Bed of Roses” showcases ORKID’s heartfelt and emotional style, and features her broad and passionate vocals, set against a dynamic alternative-pop production. The song is a rich and tantalizing listen that leaves a lasting impression and a promise of lasting love.

“Make me a bed of roses, forever and always I’ll wait for you,” ORKID sings passionately. “Lay in my bed of roses, I’ll be ok if this was the last day.” The lyrics narrate an emotional story of love and devotion. ORKID sings about cherishing every moment and wanting to make a lasting connection. The chorus expresses a desire to be together forever, while the verses talk about treasuring the present and not fearing the future. With her captivating vocals and meaningful lyrics, ORKID creates a song that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

“Kiss me slow to our favorite song.”

ORKID – “Bed Of Roses” press photo

ORKID, a lover of pickles and mackerel from Sweden’s far North, continues to soar and amaze with a series of singles released so far. Now living in the modern pop hub of Stockholm, but also recalls classic legendary singer-songwriters like Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke as her early influences. Personifying quintessential Swedish indie-pop, it’s hard not to fall for her brand of velvet, soulful, fragile yet commanding vocals making her one of her homeland’s more exciting artist exports to watch.

As well as focusing on her artist career over the years, ORKID started writing more for other artists, perfecting her craft in both LA and London in songwriting sessions with artists from around the world in multiple genres. She has written with artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Apink (Me Myself And I), Billie (Domino) Nevada (Lie To Me), Mapei, Toby Romeo, as well as globally recognized songwriters and producers including Shane Stevens (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande), Maths Time Joy (Snakehips, Bebe Rexha), Joe Kearns (Lauv, Nina Nesbitt) Laconic (Madison Beer, Nicki Minaj) and Eddie Serafica (David Guetta, Summer Walker).

“I promise there’s nothing to fear my love.”

ORKID – “Bed Of Roses” press photo

ORKID’s upcoming EP is a testament to her late mother and the aesthetic behind the custom-made eye patch with the three hearts printed on match up to a pledge in ink between the pair. The project is driven largely by this connection.

So far, ORKID’s singles have been featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” in 20+ countries including the USA, UK, Sweden, and more, while earning praise and support from notable media outlets.

ORKID – “Bed Of Roses” single

ORKID – “Bed Of Roses” cover

“Bed of Roses” is a beautiful addition to ORKID’s growing discography and sets high expectations for her upcoming EP. As ORKID continues to release new music, it’s clear that she is an artist to watch. Her talent and emotional depth shine through in every song, making her one of the most promising artists in the alternative-pop genre. Stay tuned for more from ORKID as she continues to captivate audiences with her heartfelt music.

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