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ORKID releases a delicious pop tune, entitled, “NoNoh”

ORKID (Matilda Melin) is a young indie-electro-pop singer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a delicious pop tune, entitled, “NoNoh”.

ORKID – “NoNoh”

“Boy you got me wasting all my time. Finally, I’m sober. Happy that it’s over. Go ’head find another one. I’ma let you have her. Doesn’t even matter to me.” – lyrics

‘NoNoh’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young woman who recently ended a problematic relationship she shared with a young man she used to be in love with.

Now, she’s in love with a new guy and wants her ex-boyfriend to move on or hopefully find a new girl who can make him happy.

‘NoNoh’ contains a relatable breakup storyline, gorgeous pop vocals, and charismatic instrumentation embedded with a rhythmic bounce.

ORKID – “NoNoh”

ORKID press photo

“‘NoNoh’ is about that moment when you feel you’ve had enough of someone’s bullshit. Singing this song is literally a release for me. It’s an aggressive yet awesome feeling of strength. The song kind of speaks for itself; with the melodies and track combined, ‘NoNoh’ gives you exactly that sense of self-empowerment.” – ORKID

At the age of 16, ORKID cleverly used the ‘Idol’ stage and overcame the challenge of being heard from a small town.

She left audiences gobsmacked with her world-class potential. Now, she’s one of Sweden’s most exciting artist exports to watch.

We recommend adding ORKID’s “NoNoh” single to your personal playlist.

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