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Olivia Penalva releases a lovely performance video for her “Assembly Required” single

Olivia Penalva is a chart-topping singer-songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely performance video for her “Assembly Required” single.

Olivia Penalva – “Assembly Required” video

“’Assembly Required’ has always been one of my favorite songs. It’s about those first moments of falling in love when the person you’re with really gets to see you, even the parts of yourself you’ve shielded away. It’s letting them know that they are welcome to love you, but they should know that you come a little broken and in need of repair. To me, this song sums up the baggage we all carry from our past hurts and traumas. The stuff we shove so far into the box hoping that nobody sees it. But sometimes it just takes that one special person to come along and help you sort through that box. We all come a little broken and sometimes we need a little help in being fixed. Sometimes it’s as easy as falling in love, and that’s why I wrote this song.” – Olivia Penalva explained

‘Assembly Required’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Julia Michaels, Meghan Trainor, and Alessia Cara. The emotional tune possesses moody guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with indie and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Assembly Required” is the title track of Olivia Penalva’s latest 5-track EP.

Olivia Penalva – “Assembly Required” EP

Olivia Penalva - “Assembly Required” EP cover art

The new project exists as a time capsule of lessons learned, as the songwriting captures the truths and acknowledges the lies society tells us as we find ourselves in the wake of growing up. There is relatability, graceful storytelling, and instinctive humanity within Olivia’s “Assembly Required” EP.

Drawing inspiration from the power icons of pop, Olivia Penalva graces the sound waves with her diligent writing and tenacious vocals. With a range of sonic styles, the singer-songwriter moves from lovely ballads to angsty electronic anthems. Thoughtfully employing music to navigate the trials and tribulations of self-discovery, Olivia has nurtured personal growth amidst her professional challenges and realities. Within her new music, we see a more fulfilled, steady, and authentic version of Olivia.

Olivia Penalva – “Judge Away” (Official Music Video)

The first EP single, “Judge Away,” gives audiences a resolute look into Olivia’s perspective on growing up in the public eye. With fortitude and considerate cultivation, she sings, “I’ve heard these words so many times, it’s thickened up my skin. Ruling with the punches, learned to take it on the chin. So, judge away, judge away, judge away ‘cause I know in the end it doesn’t matter what they say. So, judge away, judge away, judge away, the only thing that matters is how I feel about me.” With criticisms and accusations creating a false perception of who someone truly is, Olivia transforms the negativity into a gentle and kind reminder.

Olivia Penalva – “Ex’s” single

After releasing her track, “Ex’s,” Olivia found herself in the Top 20 on Canadian Radio and the Top 50 Mainstream Pop Radio in the United States. The song was a natural evolution into the waters of sultry, yet electronic production styles that Olivia experimented with. The song was mixed by Josh Gudwin (Justin Bieber), and co-written by Penalva, Ryan Stewart, and Tavish Crowe (Carly Rae Jepsen).

Olivia Penalva

Olivia Penalva - “Assembly Required” press photo

“I’ve always wanted to tell stories when I sing — to really connect with people — even from the beginning.” – Olivia Penalva explained

At the young age of 11, Olivia felt the call to music when her mother commented on her talent while in the car. The dream was sparked, and Olivia’s creativity blossomed, taking vocal lessons and songwriting. The Canadian pop phenomenon began accepting accolades such as the IMAs for Top Holiday Song and Top Pop Award, two iHeartRadio Future Star Awards, and the Starlight Music Chronicles TEEN Artist of the Year.

Olivia embraces the fluctuating emotions of her youth and transforms the chaos into mesmerizing melodies. She has worked with some of the industry’s top producers, intentionally curating a pop style that is on track to place at the top of the charts. Also, she has been featured on Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday, Amazon Music’s Fresh Pop, Tidal’s Pop Queens, and Pop Life, among other impressive placements.

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