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Olivia Nelson shares two dance remixes of her “Never Too Late” single

Olivia Nelson is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter based in East London. Not too long ago, she shared two dance remixes of her “Never Too Late” single.

Olivia Nelson – “Never Too Late” remixes

“But it’s never too late just to say it. I know you still look my way. Never too late just to feel it. I can see that you wanna play. Never too late just to make it. It’s not just imagination.” – lyrics

‘Never Too Late’ Remixes includes Paul Mond’s version, which perfumes the original with a groovy funk scent. Also, the other version, dipped in electro-house sauce, was created by Fabich. Both dance remixes derived from the original version which is featured on Olivia Nelson’s debut EP, entitled, “For You” EP.

Olivia Nelson – “For You” EP

Olivia Nelson - For You EP artwork
“It was about knowing that this person was a special part of my life and honoring that, but knowing that sometimes it’s a good thing when things end.” – Olivia Nelson

‘For You’ EP contains ten songs which highlight the end of a significant relationship in Nelson’s life. She sings about the good and bad times, the personal sacrifices she had to make, and coming to terms with having to make an important decision to move on. Check out Nelson’s “For You” EP below and let us know how you feel about it.  

“For You” EP

We recommend adding Olivia Nelson’s “Never Too Late” single to your personal playlist.

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