Emily Burns is a talented British pop singer. Not too long ago, she released “Vanilla Sundae”, an enchanting single from her “Seven Scenes From the Same Summer” EP featuring Olivia Nelson.

Emily Burns – “Vanilla Sundae”

“Sunlight on the bed sheets. Your eyes looking heavy. Sh*t shows on the telly. But we don’t mind, we don’t mind at all. Go halves on a whole piece. Sweet taste, strawberry. No need for us to get ready. ‘Cause we treat time like a waterfall.” – Emily Burns lyrics

“Vanilla Sundae” is a summery treat sprinkled with sugary instrumentation, tasty vocals, and sweet-smelling melodies. Also, its enchanting vibe channels peaceful energy perfumed with scented flowers.     

Emily Burns

Emily Burns

Photo by Lauren Maccabee

“It’s about missing someone and wishing you could spend one more Sunday with them, with nothing to do but be with each other. Hearing Olivia’s voice singing it felt so perfect. It really was one of those goosebumps moments.” – Emily Burns 

Emily Burns + Olivia Nelson

Emily Burns + Olivia Nelson

Prior to the feature, Nelson performed with BBC Introducing London. Also, she anonymously wrote and performed vocals on Salute’s recent Radio 1 championed single “Honey”. Following this, she will soon be ready to take to the spotlight with some brand new music.

In conclusion, check out Emily Burns’ “Seven Scenes From the Same Summer” EP via Spotify. Also, add her “Vanilla Sundae” single featuring Olivia Nelson to your personal music playlist.

“Seven Scenes From the Summer”

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