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Naaz releases a wonderful music video for her “Do You?” single

Naaz is a talented Kurdish singer-songwriter based in The Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her “Do You?” single.

Naaz – “Do You?” single

“When I was writing this song, I was thinking of how I could explain to my psychologist as clearly as possible what’s going on in my mind. How I see the world, how it feels like it’s on fire most of the time. How I can’t seem to find a way to get out, while all the burning wounds are stacking up and up. This video summarizes the journey of the endless wonder about what is wrong with you, the frustration it brings and how it can make you feel alienated from the world, even though you know there are so many more people like you. In the video you see me analyzing myself, quite literally, while in contrast setting my entire, lonely world on fire. It’s a peek of a psycho-analyze from the outside, with a window to the mind on the inside. I’ve been avoiding my diagnosis for a year now, but by putting this song out, I’m going to start accepting myself as I am. Those who relate will know what this song, and video, is about. Those who don’t, I hope you will understand me a little more now.” – Naaz

‘Do You?’ is featured on Naaz’s latest EP, entitled, “the beautiful struggle”, which she wrote while in a dark place.

“the beautiful struggle” EP

Naaz + the beautiful struggle cover

“Despite where I was, I found listening to my own words and emotions, back as if she wasn’t me—made me feel understood. Disassociating myself from my music made me feel like there is a friend stuck in those songs that understands exactly how I feel, and she is me. Suddenly, those songs written with sadness were making me calm. It was ‘the beautiful struggle’, and I was proud of me.” – Naaz

‘the beautiful struggle’ serves as Naaz’s biggest moment yet.

The 6-track EP establishes the Kurdish-Dutch artist as one of the most exciting artists to watch.

Naaz’s career skyrocketed after she released her debut EP, entitled, “Bits of Naaz”.

So far, Naaz has won two Dutch Grammys (Edisons) and was nominated for the best act at MTV’s EMAs.

Also, internationally, she has supported Arcade Fire, Jessie J, and Hayley Kiyoko.  

She will be playing across Europe towards the end of the year with her own headline tour and support slots for Melanie Martinez

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Naaz Tour

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