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Naaz releases an introspective pop tune, entitled, “damage :(”

Naaz is a talented Kurdish singer-songwriter based in The Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released an introspective pop tune, entitled, “damage 🙁”.

Naaz – “damage :(” single

“My new song “damage :(”started as a page in my diary. Writing helps me make my thinking more compact, instead of having thoughts scattered like rain, they’re just nicely collected in a hurricane. Once it passes by, it’s damaging, but done with. It’s like I’m delaying my pain, in return for a small rush. It helps though, this was the page I wrote that inspired the song.” – Naaz

‘damage :(’ explores the darkness and the light that lives within, simultaneously.  

The likable tune comes with the news of Naaz’s upcoming EP, entitled, the beautiful struggle.

The project finds Naaz at her most vulnerable yet somehow uplifting self. Also, the EP is a powerful coming-of-age project.

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‘”Sometimes you reach an all-time low, where even your easiest habits become hard to carry out. Everyday life becomes a new adventure as everything in your life becomes unknown. You lose perspective and your grip on reality follows. Nothing is what it used to be anymore, so all you can take are baby steps. You are now a child and a mother of yourself at the same time. As you lie in your bed, incapable of getting out, you worry about how the world will perceive you. Disassociated from yourself, you look in the mirror thinking you just discovered an alien on earth. Your interpretation of what people think of you is based only on what your demons say. You cannot rely on your mind anymore, everything it says is inadmissible. Your credibility is gone, start over. Insecurities lead the way but they don’t know which way to go. You broke a new record, finally wrecked it, there’s nothing left to do, but find peace and love in the damage.” – Naaz

Naaz’s career took off quickly since releasing her debut EP, entitled, “Bits of Naaz”, last year.

Since then, she has won two Dutch Grammys (Edisons) and was nominated for the best act at MTV’s EMAs.

Also, internationally, she has supported Arcade Fire, Jessie J, and Hayley Kiyoko.  

Naaz will be playing across Europe towards the end of the year with her own headline tour & support slots for Melanie Martinez. 

Naaz Tour

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“I don’t listen to music in the periods that I’m writing because I don’t want to be influenced. However, around this time, I wanted to educate myself with different genres. I listened to playlists of a mix of old punk & soul music. (old because then I know it’s timeless as it’s still good). I wrote the chorus of ‘damage :(‘ mimicking a punk rock voice, haha. If you try to do the same, you can notice the influence in the melodies. The verse melodies were meant to be more soul, can you notice? I have no idea, but it was fun to write.” – Naaz

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