Naaz is a Kurdish singer based in The Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released “As Fun”, a poppin’ Pop single from her “Bits of Naaz” EP. 

Naaz – “As Fun” (3FM Live Box Performance)

As Fun is a song about leading with your heart, even after you’ve done all those self-guarding mechanisms. Also, it describes the fun that comes alongside the turmoil of the heart. To experience life is better than not to experience life at all. 


“I wrote ‘As Fun’ to pay tribute to feeling, whether the emotion is good or bad.”



Photo by Valentina Vos

At the youthful age of 19, Naaz’s accomplishments are noteworthy. She has won two Edison Awards in her first year as a musician, which are the most prestigious in her native country.


‘As Fun’ was written and recorded in Hitler’s personal airport in Berlin, Germany. One of the buildings has since been turned into a recording studio for musicians, shining light into something once dark.

“Bits of Naaz” EP

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