Mumble Rap

5 Ways How Mumble Rap has Influenced Urban Pop Culture

Mumble rap is an element of hip-hop music that’s influencing urban pop culture. As opposed to the rhythmic and poetic style of raps, that can be memorized due to their meaningfulness, mumble rap is a bolder, daring aspect of hip-hop that found its way to the front seat of the music industry.

With little-to-no vocabulary sharpness and rhythmic sing-song verses, mumble rap, the rough and crude version of hip-hop, has become the voice of the new generation. You can find mumble rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Young Thug, Migos, Desiigner, and many more, on the top of various music charts.

Stained with auto-tunes and sometimes—incomprehensible lyrics, it has a huge impact on Pop culture. And here are 5 reasons how it has managed to do so.

Mumble Rap Appeals to the Youth

This sub-genre has influenced the culture and lifestyle of the youth. With our fast-paced routines, straightforwardness saves us time and energy. And this is what mumble rap is all about. Musical instruments such as guitars and drum sets provide a loud bass and a robust rhythm to suit the lyrics of this genre.

An artist such as Desiigner is taking strides with his somewhat indecipherable lyrics, rapped over tough and edgy beats, which are appealing to his audience. He knows what they want, and he is successful in delivering that product. The aspect of creating funky beats, robust rhythms, and soulful sounds is essential. This sort of vibrancy in his music is intriguingly fascinating to the youth.

Mumble Rap Conceals the Harsh Realities of the Artists

Hip-hop lyrics have been about shouting out the horrors and crass realities that prevail in our society. Artists who have risen from adverse circumstances make sure that their lyrics remain true to what they have been through. But mumble rap takes a step backward in representing the artists’ stories as well as opinions in the most bizarre ways.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ and ‘DNA’ remain strong and true in conveying that celebrities and artists can rise from tough times, and so can everybody else. But mumble rap conceals the harsh realities of its artists, and oftentimes speaks on having fun, doing drugs, getting money, etc. Hardly a way out of their dire circumstances within their urban communities. 

Mumble Rap Influences Our Language

Mumble rap has a heavy influence on our language. Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ song has inspired thousands of memes, slangs, and speeches of this generation. We unconsciously take in mumble rap lyrics, and over time, these lyrics end up influencing our language.

Mumble Rap Artists Have Paved a Way to New Art

Rap is a fusion of rhythm and poetry. While some artists such as Desiigner, Rich Homie Quan, and Future focus on the rhythm. Other traditional emcees such as J. Cole and Lamar focus on the poetry and spiritual aspect. This shows how diverse and vibrant hip-hop culture is.

In this diversified pool of music genres, mumble rap is just another art form. It is more of a freestyle music. It’s energetic and blithe, two things matter to music lovers.

Mumble Rap Has Set a New Lifestyle Trends

Mumble rap is becoming popular day by day. It’s played at clubs, parties, music festivals, etc. It has that sort of vibe that lifts your mood instantly. This genre is all about discomfort with this new generation. When musicians chose to use their voices in strange ways, their music becomes a sort of rebellion towards the prevalent trends in society.

Mumble Rap
Photo by Phio, CC0 1.0

In conclusion, mumble rap is a heavy influence on Pop culture. It has concretized our mindset in being direct with our thoughts, and unorthodox with our ideas. Everything, from what we wear to what we watch on television, mumble rappers have promoted their brands along with this genre of music. With Yeezy season hitting the stores, alongside ‘Bad and Bougee’ accessories, this new artistic trend is transforming and influencing Hip Hop culture.

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