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Montythehokage & saintnovella release an inspiring rap tune, entitled, “Choices”

Montythehokage is a North Carolina-based melting-pot rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. saintnovella is an up-and-coming producer. Not too long ago, they released an inspiring rap tune, entitled, “Choices.”

Montythehokage & saintnovella – “Choices” single

“My dogs are holding the code, we never get loosie. These days everyone’s wrapped in gold. The money will change you ‘fore you even know. Don’t let the snakin’ change up your goals. Keepin’ it honest, don’t tell ‘em who told. You gotta know how to act. You can’t keep hangin’ with ni^^as that tell you they love you but holdin’ you back. Think ‘bout your kids, your fans, your girl, the ones who are really attached. Them the ones who will hold up your back, give you prayers when you’re in the trap. Shootin’ just hoping you can get you a stack.” – lyrics

‘Choices’ finds Montythehokage encouraging listeners to somehow change the bad choices that they are making. He calls it as he sees it and what he sees is sad and needs changing. Therefore, he stated, “You could care less if it ain’t about you (because) you only focused on clothes, h*es, and shorties that can do what it do.” Later, he drives his point home, “God ain’t save your soul so you can break it, yeah. You should stop to think about yourself again.”

‘Choices’ contains an inspiring narrative and a harmonious vocal delivery/flow that will resonate well with fans of KYLE, Drake, Frank Ocean, and Aminé. The urban tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary rap and hip-hop elements. Furthermore, “Choices” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Montythehokage shortly as he continues to release new music.

“If life is a movie, you got a choice. So what are you choosing, bend or you fold?”

Montythehokage press photo

“I wanted to make something that really came from the heart – but was a vibe also. This song is really about what I feel and see around me. People are wrapped in themselves and focused on unimportant things. So I wanted to highlight that while still having something smooth – as someone trying to bring some light into being young and just enjoying life and being happy. I love to mix things up so sometimes my music is fast with a summer vibe, sometimes it’s fast with a cipher feel, and sometimes it’s slow with a jazzy feel. I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone for something new.” – Montythehokage explained

Montythehokage’s music can be categorized as hip-hop, rap, and urban pop. He prefers to add a positive message within his tunes, and every free-spirited release is somewhat different in melody and message. Also, his sound draws its inspiration from KYLE, Chance the Rapper, Saba, Smino, and J. Cole. With big dreams and goals, Montythehokage isn’t afraid to step outside his comfort zone.

“Choices” single

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