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What Makes “The Warm Up” By Monty! & T. Walker So Special?

Monty! (@lovedbymonty formally known as Montythehokage) is a Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. T. Walker (@twalkernc) is a Jacksonville, North Carolina-raised rapper from Wilmington, Delaware. Not too long ago, they released a lyrical hip-hop track, “The Warm Up,” via VLGMKT, LLC.  

Monty!  and T. Walker – “The Warm Up” single

“It’s the warm-up, grab the pistol or grab the soda, hotter than a New York figure in Pensacola. I’ve been dunking off the backboard, ready to shatter all of the boxes that they put me in. Silent, but really deadly if needed. I’m a certified Fayette-nam baby that’s a head case. Brag Boulevard’s finest, where the option to get out is with an f & n. So I dipped, hit the corner, then I checked 6, that just comes natural to me.” – Monty!’s  lyrics

“The Warm Up” finds Monty! and T. Walker dropping two dope verses over sample-fueled instrumentation padded with thudding drums and booming bass. Monty!  raps, “Different levels to the game, I wasn’t bred to follow. Skip the league, I need the bread, that other stuff can follow.” Later, T. Walker contributes to the relevant conversation, “But everything in motion is all God’s plan still. Even if I stand still, I’m moving, like a windmill.” The Warm Up is a fitting title for this tasty treat that listeners can expect more of as Monty! and T. Walker continue to release new music.


Monty! press photo

“‘The Warm Up’ serves as an ode to my hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. I feel like I’m at a place in my career where I want to make music that gives a part of my life. I grew up in a bad part of the city but really made it out. This record is me really showcasing my rap abilities while also sharing how I grew up. In Fayetteville, most people leave the city in a body bag or the military. I use creative wordplay to express how I circumvent these options but look back on the experiences.” – Monty!  explained

Monty! is a versatile artist who is changing the musical landscape in North Carolina. His music is a blend of hip-hop, rap, and pop, with influences from Lil Yachty, Kyle, J. Cole, and Smino. Monty!’s message and upbeat sound have been praised by critics and fans alike. His music has been featured on popular TV shows like All American Homecoming and the channels of famous creators like George Janko, Gawx, and The Ace Family.

In 2018, Monty began his music career to bring positivity and raw emotion to the music community. Every song he creates is filled with energy and unique melodies that convey his free spirit and uplifting message. His music has been described as giving listeners the gentle start they need to brighten their day. With big dreams and goals, Monty isn’t afraid to step outside the boxes people are placed into to provide a whole new way to look at things.

Monty!  and T. Walker – “The Warm Up” single

Monty! and T. Walker - “The Warm Up” cover art

“I’m on a streak, rapping like I wanna sign a deal, but he free. A bunch of you thinking that you Jjgga but you Bleek. And it’s cool, just be you, and make sure that you at peace. And pull-up pants, we don’t care about the label of ya briefs. And ya raps’ cheeks, so be sure to keep it brief. You slide in my girl DM’s thinking I ain’t see. I’m the type to still shake ya hand while I scheme. I don’t hire for hits, you gon’ wake up and see me. And this the warm-up but I still make’em freeze. Violent tendencies but I’m still pushing peace.” – T. Walker’s lyrics

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