Molly Hammar press photo wearing a black outfit
Photo by Paulina Torbjoernsen

Molly Hammar releases an empowering sophomore EP, entitled, “God Is Lonely Too”

Molly Hammar is a chart-topping singer-songwriter hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released an empowering sophomore EP, entitled, “God Is Lonely Too,” via Cosmos Music.

Molly Hammar – “FRIENDS” single

“‘Friends’ is about not wanting to feel lonely and romanticizing a friendship that shouldn’t be any more than that. Just because you don’t want to feel alone. Sometimes it is just better to accept people and relationships for what they are and move on.” – Molly Hammar explained

The lead track, “FRIENDS,” contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses rhythmic instrumentation flavored with a tropical pop vibration. Furthermore, “FRIENDS” sets the tone for the EP which features the intriguing “DOUCHEBAG,” “Alone,” and “Get To Know Me First” featuring Julie Bergan and Awa. The six-track project also highlights “Loneliness,” a co-write with Sky Adams.

Molly Hammar – “God Is Lonely Too” EP

Molly Hammar - God Is Lonely Too EP cover art

“I want the ‘God Is Lonely Too’ EP to be a friend when you’re feeling lonely. I want to remind people of the importance of accepting their loneliness and talk about it more frequently in different ways. There are different perspectives to being lonely, sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it. I would have never been able to release this music with a major label in Sweden, it’s so out there. I’m so happy to be doing the kind of music that I love.” – Molly Hammar explained

‘God Is Lonely Too’ is rooted in female advocacy, as Molly continues to use that message as a springboard for sonic evolution. Also, the EP showcases her musical hybridity as a nouveau RnB alt-pop powerhouse. Listeners are treated to the singer’s fully matured artistry as she navigates loneliness and lyrically distills disappointing experiences with men.

The full collection of songs sends a strong defiant message to anyone who has felt alone, as the artist promotes self-love and the power of embracing sisterhood. Molly’s musical “world” is built on unapologetic femininity, wherein women are no longer beholden to societal expectations.

Molly Hammar

Molly Hammar press photo wearing a black outfit (smiling)
Photo by Paulina Torbjörnsen

In 2020, Molly Hammar won ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ at the coveted Swedish music award show Rockbjörnen. Sweden’s leading evening newspaper, Aftonbladet, initiated the award.

The artist’s success story to date has been far from straightforward. Molly was signed to a major record label in her native Sweden during her teens and was propelled into the limelight. However, the commercial pop she was making did not fit with her artistic vision. Obsessed with R&B, and keen to make more of her versatile voice and background in jazz and soul, she split from her record label and flourished under her newfound creative control.

In 2018, Hammar found her own sound with the release of her critically acclaimed EP, entitled, “Sex.” Singing about female sexuality from a very personal perspective sparked Molly’s inspiration and helped her grow a fanbase of young women who could relate to her message.

Molly Hammar

Molly Hammar press photo wearing a black outfit
Photo by Paulina Torbjörnsen

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