Molly Hammar - “Show Me” featuring Kim Cesarion + Photo by Ro-Sy
Photo by Ro-Sy

Molly Hammar releases a stunning duet single with Kim Cesarion, entitled, “Show Me”

Molly Hammar is a chart-topping singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a stunning duet single with Kim Cesarion, entitled, “Show Me”, via Cosmos Music.

Molly Hammar – “Show Me” featuring Kim Cesarion

“Both myself and Kim are hopeless romantics. So when we got together in the studio for the first time it was clear that we were going to write a song about love. I hope that people who listen to the song will join us in spreading loving vibes to the world.” – Molly Hammar

‘Show Me’ tells an adoring tale that encourages listeners to bring back the romance.

The likable tune, produced by Pontus Persson, is the third single from Molly Hammar’s upcoming EP.

Also, the song follows Hammar’s previously released singles, entitled, “Words”, and “No Place Like Me” featuring Big Narstie.

Molly Hammar – “Show Me” featuring Kim Cesarion

Molly Hammar - “Show Me” featuring Kim Cesarion cover

“Seizing the opportunity to work with one of the best voices in Sweden was a total no brainer for me. Me and Molly have a similar approach to the creative process, and producer Pontus Persson was the perfect match. Now, I’m just really excited about sharing the single and to delivering some Zouk vibes this summer.” – Kim Cesarion

Molly Hammar grew up with jazz musician parents and Kim Cesarion has a background in classical music.

But it is through their shared love for R&B ‘n’ Pop that they found each other musically.

Kim Cesarion had his breakthrough in 2013 with his debut single, entitled, “Undressed”.

Kim Cesarion – “Undressed” music video

So far, “Undressed” has amassed over 26M views on YouTube views and 72M streams via Spotify.

We recommend adding Molly Hammar’s “Show Me” single featuring Kim Cesarion to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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