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Micah Freeman releases a music video for his “Walk the Line” single

Micah Freeman is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Walk the Line” single.

Micah Freeman – “Walk the Line” music video

“Maybe, I’m the killer. Maybe I’m the healer, or maybe both combined.” – lyrics

‘Walk the Line’ explores multiplicity, intersectionality, and the struggle to find a balance between opposite poles in the world, but mostly within oneself.

The introspective hip-hop tune is the first song from Micah Freeman’s upcoming EP, entitled, “I Wasn’t Born Yesterday”. The project will be released via Freeman’s own label, Everpresent Records, later this Fall.

REO, a multimedia visual artist and Grammy-award winning producer, constructed “Walk the Line”. Also, Los Changos Dorados, a rising young Latin-American director, directed the audiovisual.

Micah Freeman – “Walk the Line” single

“I bring formlessness into form and timelessness into the present.” – Micah Freeman

Micah Freeman draws inspiration from an eclectic range of pioneers such as Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, D’Angelo, Mos Def, and Kanye West.

He has shared stages with notable acts such as Tyler the Creator, Saul Williams, Rae Sremmurd, Big KRIT, Miguel, Nappy Roots, Teedra Moses, J*Davey, and many more.

His music inspires dancefloors to groove, lovers to grow closer, solitary drivers to vibe out with open windows, and the wheels of the mind to turn all the while.

Micah Freeman is an artist to keep a keen eye on.

His songs bring familiar flavors and picture-painting of times past into a uniquely modern context. Also, it invites listeners to live their own stories through the sincerity in his words.

Through his own experiences with loved ones, his passion for building awareness of mental health issues in the black community has grown near and dear, along with providing access to information and removing the stigma attached.

His songs dive into the issues surrounding today’s political landscape while telling tales of personal triumph, hardship, love, and intimacy.

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