Meek Mill

Meek Mill releases a music video for “Left Hollywood” song

Meek Mill is a popular rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Left Hollywood”, one of his newest releases following his “DC4” project.

Meek Mill – “Left Hollywood” music video

“I used to cop my little reggie tryna feed myself. My cousin had that work but I didn’t need no help. Man I was so f**ked up I couldn’t believe myself. That’s why I be at the jeweler tryna freeze myself. ‘Cause my heart so cold, we ain’t got no goals. All these young ni^^as killin’ like they ain’t got no souls. Talkin’ Grand Marquis, before I cop my Rolls. It was all so sweet until Dashawn told. Really hurt my heart, ripped my feelings apart. Out in Philly it’s dark, we was really so scarred but actin’ silly so hard. But we just wanted some love. Mama workin’, daddy dead, I just wanted a hug. Why you think we spillin’ Spade when we go to the club.” – lyrics

The Will Ngo-directed video finds Meek Mill seated on a stoop, alongside his Dreamchasers crew. They are chilling in the underbelly of Philadelphia, where images of cooking dope and dirt bike riders are vividly seen. The video alludes to the fact that Mill is back in his element.

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