Meek Mill

Meek Mill releases a music video for his “Fall Thru” single

Meek Mill is a rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Fall Thru”, a hood single from his “Wins & Losses” album.

Meek Mill – “Fall Thru”

“Yeah, you gon’ fall through every time a ni^^a call you. That’s why I ball how I ball when I spoil you. We was in Miami, first time I saw you. I was in a Phantom when I pulled up on you. It was late nights, late nights in the bando. F**king on you good got you bustin’ like you Rambo. If you keep it hood so you really understand though. You was there through my ups and downs like a camel. Ass all fat say she get it from her mama. She just want the money, she ain’t f**kin’ with no bloggers. F**k you on a PJ the whole way to the Bahamas. Gucci, Valentino, baby, I can be your stylist. F**k me with your friend, yeah yeah, you was wildin’.” – lyrics

The music video finds Meek Mill having a phone conversation with the woman of his dream. Later on, we see them as a couple in a humble environment.

“Wins & Losses” album

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