Meek Mill

Meek Mill releases a 4-track EP, entitled, “Legends of the Summer”

Meek Mill is a rapper out of Philadelphia. Not too long ago, he released an EP, entitled, “Legends of the Summer”. The 4-track project features Swizz Beatz, Jeremih, PnB Rock, and Miguel.

Meek Mill – “Stay Woke” feat. Miguel

“We scream, ‘Black Lives Matter’, but we still toting ladders. Watching our own brothers trying to get at us. Dreams get shattered when a scene full of crackers. And they charge you with some sh*t you ain’t do. You like, ‘What happened?’ We go get lawyers to say sh*t, we don’t know how to talk. They told us to hate each other before we learn how to walk. Momma taught you how to fight, fight before she taught you how to write, right. And Daddy locked down in the cell, can’t kiss you night, night. Monsters under the bed every night, feel like it’s fright night.” – lyrics

Meek Mill performed his conscious single at the BET Awards 2018. He tackled the topics of injustice within the judicial system and police brutality in urban communities.

His choreographed performance began with two old-timers reading the Philly Newspaper on a sidewalk.

A young man, rocking a jersey, walked past them while talking on his cell phone. He entered the littered street, where he conversed with another man that’s dressed similarly to him.

Meek Mill is standing not too far from them. He’s wearing a hooded sweatshirt while performing the song.

A young girl is chalking up a nearby sidewalk. Not too far from her is a bunch of thugs.

Miguel appears and sings his part.  

Later, the young girl is jumping rope with another girl. Then, the cops come, and things get sour.  

Stay Woke” is the last song on Meek Mill’s “Legends of the Summer” EP. Check out the entire project via Spotify.

“Legends of the Summer”

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