Meek Mill

Meek Mill releases a music video for “We Ball” ft. Young Thug

Meek Mill is a popular rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “We Ball”, a single from his “Wins & Losses” album featuring Young Thug.

Meek Mill – “We Ball”

“When they killed my ni^^a Snupe, I seen my young ni^^a in the casket. He ain’t even have no blood in him. Prolly the reason why I keep taking these drugs quicker. Ain’t got no patience for these motherf**kin’ f**k ni^^as. I watch everybody change, they thought I lost it. But now they all bustin’ U-ies it’s goin’ cost ’em. I seen Chino shut the casket on the coffin (Truce). Killed his only big brother and we lost him. So I’ma hold it down ’til we all win. We’ve been at the clear port ballin’. I just want to see my ni^^as flossin’. Hundred bands every time I walk in. If you keep it trill you’ll get a blessing for it. Deep down in the trenches with that Wesson on me.” – lyrics

‘We Ball’ contains a relatable narrative and pleasing rap vocals. Also, the song possesses lush hip-hop instrumentation flavored with trap elements.  

“Wins & Losses”

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