Meek Mill

Meek Mill releases a music video for “Litty” feat. Tory Lanez

Meek Mill is a popular rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Litty”, a single off his “DC4” album featuring Tory Lanez.

Meek Mill – “Litty” feat. Tory Lanez

“These ni^^as gon’ blame it on Khaled. They don’t want to see you win. They don’t want to see the Wraith. You don’t want to see your b*tch caught up in the stars like she’s outer space. Mansion at the condo, condo at the mansion and I’m running out of space. K.o. on me, keep ’em coming out his mouth, I’m sending somethin’ round his way. Ni^^as barely getting lawyer money. Better get some 6 oil money. Running around like you’re superman. Don’t be selfish, get your mom insurance money.” – lyrics

The music video shows a crew of credit-card scammers at work, while they are being hunted by the feds. Also, Meek Mill’s and Tory Lanez’s presence add the perfect visual to the crime-infested plot.

‘Litty’ contains a street narrative and pleasing vocals. Also, the song possesses hip-hop instrumentation flavored with trap elements. 

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