Lucas Estrada press photo

Lucas Estrada releases a lovely dance tune, entitled, “Radio Love”, with NEIMY & Pawl

Lucas Estrada is a Stockholm-based, Mexico-raised producer. Not too long ago, he released a lovely dance tune, entitled, “Radio Love”, with NEIMY & Pawl.

Lucas Estrada – “Radio Love” single with NEIMY & Pawl

“The session went from introduction to writing within a few minutes. Pawl and I traded some chords. Erik Petterson recorded a guitar part I had in my head. And from there, Pawl, Eric Wictor, NEIMY, and I finished the entire song that weekend. ‘Radio Love’ describes the picture-perfect love that usually only exists on the radio. Two lovers capture this radio love at the cost of lying and hurting each other.” – Lucas Estrada, on the writing process for “Radio Love”

‘Radio Love’ contains a hopeless romantic storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and well-placed melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation scented with an electro-dance aroma.

Lucas Estrada

Lucas Estrada press photo

Lucas Estrada is a name you should remember. With each release, he continues to establish himself as an electrifying producer. At the age of 14, he wanted to sell beats to other producers, but they declined. Those early rejections prompted Estrada to release music under his own name. Ever since then, his music has amassed over 113 million streams online. Also, he has millions of supporters around the world.

“Radio Love” single with NEIMY & Pawl

Lucas Estrada - “Radio Love” single with NEIMY & Pawl + cover

‘Radio Love’ was written by Lucas Carlson Estrada, Ellen Paulina Falkås (NEIMY), Paul Najjar (Pawl), and Eric Wictor. Also, it was produced by Lucas Estrada & Pawl, mixed by Martin Igelström, and mastered by Wired Masters (UK).

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