Little Monarch is an LA-based alternative/indie-pop band. Not too long ago, they released a sunshiny pop tune, entitled, “Treading Water”.

Little Monarch – “Treading Water”

‘Treading Water’ is a Thanksgiving song dedicated to those who have aided the band during their darkest moments of trials and tribulations. Also, it contains a relatable storyline, lovable vocals, and a groovy instrumentation embedded with electro-dance and pop elements.

Little Monarch – “Treading Water”

Little Monarch + Treading Water

Little Monarch consists of LA-lifer Casey Kalmenson (vocals, guitar), Memphis-born Lanita Smith (vocals, keys), and Indiana native Justin Andres (guitar, bass).

“A long time in the making, we are releasing ‘Treading Water’ tomorrow. Dedicated to the rocks in our lives who have helped us get through it all.” – Little Monarch

The band was formed when Casey found herself in the audience during one of Lanita’s solo live performances and approached her to collaborate. Since then, they have been creating good music that people can dance or groove to.

Therefore, we recommend adding Little Monarch’s “Treading Water” single to your personal playlist.

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