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Little Monarch releases a lovely alternative tune, entitled, “See You”

Little Monarch is a band of friends based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a lovely alternative tune, entitled, “See You”.

Little Monarch – “See You” single

‘See You’ departs from Little Monarch’s easygoing sound and carries listeners on a deep sonic adventure.

The likable tune hits home to anyone who has ever left something or someone they truly love in search of their own true self. 

Also, the song was written in the sacred valley of Peru after a quest up to the summit of Machu Picchu, where the lyrics poured out of lead singer Casey Kalmenson.

Little Monarch – “See You” single

Little Monarch - “See You” cover

After the success of their first EP, Kalmenson struggled to find her identity within the project.

Shedding industry expectations, this EP represents stepping into a more authentic expression of herself as a writer, producer, and frontwoman.

She describes her intention with this music as a coming home party. Also, a realization that the project is a platform for sharing all sides and sounds of herself through sonic experimentation and storytelling.

Stream Little Monarch’s “See You” single via Apple Music

‘See You’ contains a relatable storyline, ethereal vocals, and mid-tempo instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.  Also, it’s the first single from Little Monarch’s upcoming EP.

We recommend adding Little Monarch “See You” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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