Laila - “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” EP press photo

Emotionally Raw & Energetic: Discover Laila’s New Breathtaking EP, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That”

Laila (Laila Kharouba @helloitslaila) is an actress and singer-songwriter of Jordanian-Canadian descent. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular debut EP, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That.”

The 6-track project is a breathtaking amalgamation of Laila’s artistry as a solo artist, chronicling the highs and lows of a breakup with poignant dance tracks and soul-baring ballads alike. With a voice that weaves sweet, raw, and deeply emotional vocals, Laila’s debut EP is set to resonate with fans of Kacey Musgraves, Ariana Grande, and anyone who craves music that touches the soul.

Laila – “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” EP

Laila - “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” EP cover art

“Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” is a dynamic collection of reflective heartbreak anthems delivered with on-the-nose lyricism and energized sonic pop, yet emotionally raw soundscapes featuring singles  “Strangers at the Airport,” “I Like Girls,” “Sparks,” and the title track, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That.”

Adding an extra layer of introspection is the new song, “I Hope It Kills You,” a stripped-back piano ballad that showcases Laila’s vulnerability and unparalleled songwriting skills. A new acoustic version of the title track, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That,” is also featured, and underscores the raw passion embedded in the EP.

“Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” features writing by Laila Kharouba, Jon Pike (BRDGS), Brandon Pero, Monica Spiering, and Stephen Joffe (Birds of Bellwoods); production by Jon Pike and Brandon Pero; mixing by Brandon Pero; mastering by Kristian Montano (Virginia to Vegas); and features drums by Chris Dimas, guitar by Stu Weinberg, piano by Steve O’Connor, and pedal steel by Doug Johnson.


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“Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” further solidifies Laila’s status as an emerging force in the entertainment industry. Working with producers Jon Pike (BRDGS) and Brandon Pero (Devon Cole), this collection of reflective heartbreak anthems showcases her versatility and knack for crafting infectious melodies that resonate deeply with audiences. Keep an eye on Laila as she continues to captivate hearts and minds with her powerful artistry.

“I Like Girls” music video

“I was at a show and ran into another female artist I knew. After some catching up and dancing, she told me that she liked girls, then asked me on a date. The whole situation had me very bajiggitty because 1. it was unexpected, and 2. she’s kind of a superstar. It was such a lovely moment that really sparked my journey towards questioning my sexuality and realizing that I might like girls too.” – Laila explained

Laila’s first two releases, “Strangers at the Airport” and “I Like Girls” garnered attention on CBC Radio’s “Here & Now,” and at Toronto’s Pride Festival. Her music, driven by dynamic pop soundscapes, is characterized by its on-the-nose lyricism, reflecting raw emotions and relatable experiences. Laila recently graced the season finale of Netflix’s “Glamorous,” where she starred alongside the iconic Kim Cattrall of “Sex and the City.”

Laila – “Strangers at the Airport” single

“Last year, I saw my ex from afar, reading a book in the airport bar at LAX. It was a really weird and reflective moment for me. I told Jon Pike (BRDGS, one of the producers on this track) about the experience, and he mentioned he’d always wanted to write a song called ‘Strangers at the Airport.’ So we wrote this one together! The song is about grappling with the realization that someone who was once your everything is now just a stranger (in an airport). We drew a lot of inspiration from one of my favorite bands, The 1975, for the production and sonic landscape.” – Laila explained

“Strangers at the Airport” tells an inside-the-airport story about a young woman who looks like a deer in headlights while staring at her ex-partner from afar. She doesn’t know where he’s going but knows where he’s been these last couple of years. Their breakup was hard but for the best. With a heavy heart, she assumes her ex has successfully moved on. “I bet you’ve found someone; you always were so good at moving along.” Maybe, she’s overthinking, but without a conversation with her ex, it’s too hard for her to know if he has moved on or not.

“Heart Doesn’t Work Like That”

Laila – “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” Single cover

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