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Uncover the Power of Laila’s “I Hope It Kills You (Single Version)” Song

Laila (Laila Kharouba @helloitslaila) is an actress and singer-songwriter of Jordanian-Canadian descent. Not too long ago, she released an emotionally-driven alternative version of her fan-favorite track, “I Hope It Kills You (Single Version).”

Laila – “I Hope It Kills You (Single Version)”

“Your lover leaves you for your best friend. Ouch. You take the high road but still pray that karma does her work. This song is meant to be played when you drive home from that breakup, or when you’re crying on the bathroom floor. Take your pick.” – Laila explained

Built around enchanting piano melodies, “I Hope It Kills You (Single Version)” opens with a gloomy atmospheric environment plagued with a sad narrative. Laila’s vocals add feelings to an already heartfelt track. Reneé Rapp, Ariana Grande, and Holly Humberstone supporters will enjoy listening to this song.

“I Hope It Kills You (Single Version)” was written by Laila Kharouba, Stevie Joffe (Birds of Bellwoods), Jon Pike, and Brandon Pero. It was produced by Jon Pike and Brandon Pero, mixed by Brandon Pero, and mastered by Kristian Montano.

Laila – “I Hope It Kills You (Single Version)”

Laila - I Hope It Kills You (Single Version) 

“‘I Hope It Kills You’ originated in a session with Stevie Joffe, and came to fruition very quickly. The emotive tune tells a heartfelt tale of betrayal, and hoping for some kind of retribution is one that (unfortunately) many people can resonate with. It has become a crowd favorite when I play it live. When my producers, Jon and Brandon, and I were working on the song, two versions became clear to us. We loved them both so much and felt they brought different energies to such powerful lyrics. This version is more grounded in pop and is my personal favorite.” – Laila explained

Laila’s first two releases “Strangers at the Airport” and “I Like Girls” garnered attention at Toronto’s Pride Festival, and her debut EP “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” is being played on CBC radio across Canada. Laila recently released the sunny track “I Only Wanna Dance With You” with artist BRDGS (Dancing Without Music), and her acting shined brightly in the season finale of Netflix’s Glamorous, across from Sex in the City star, Kim Catrall.

“I Hope It Kills You” is featured on Laila’s debut EP, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That.”

Laila – “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” EP

Laila - “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” EP cover art

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