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Kyan releases a slow-burning indie-electro tune, entitled, “Neighbours”

Kyan is a singer-songwriter and producer from Cambridge, England. Not too long ago, he released a slow-burning indie-electro tune, entitled, “Neighbours”.  

Kyan – “Neighbours”

“‘Neighbours’ observes a world in which we increasingly fear one another. ‘This room is the only thing we trust because the TV says the world up there is still too dangerous.’ It’s a record that provides a glimpse at the slightly dystopian but not too distant future.” – Kyan

After making a major splash in 2018 with singles “Nothing Beyond”, “Like Summer”, and “Lonely River”, Kyan returns with a dark-soul offering.

His ‘Neighbours’ single provides a glimpse at the slightly dystopian but not too distant alternative.

The likable tune contains a relatable storyline and velvet soul vocals. Also, it possesses stripped-down instrumentation flavored with an alternative, indie rock, and abstract soul elements. 

Kyan – “Neighbours”

Kyan – “Neighbours” artwork

“The song began when I realized I was constantly being bombarded by negativity on social media. Every day, it seemed there was a new #PrayFor, a new tragedy. It dawned on me that these hashtags, the news headlines of our generation had a way of connecting all of these unconnected and random events in a way that made it feel like the world was an increasingly dangerous and evil place. With regard to man-made tragedy, in particular, this grouping also created the illusion of one common enemy—them.” – Kyan

Since releasing his debut EP, “The Purple Experiment” in 2014, Kyan has toured with the critically acclaimed trio, London Grammar.

He also had a series of collaborations with the likes of Duke Dumont, electro-pop king Madeon, Benga, and Knox Brown.

So far, Kyan’s music has amassed over 7M streams online via Spotify.


Kyan press photo

“I started to wonder if social media was an ally of terrorism. An ally often recruited by some politicians and media outlets who market and promote fear agendas in order to gain votes or push a particular narrative. I wondered where would Brexit or Trump be without the fear that allowed their ideology to exist and then to flourish on such a scale.” – Kyan

As Kyan traveled around the world making the videos for this project, he was surprised by how genuine, helpful, and good-hearted people were.


Kyan photo in the desert

“From being stranded in the desert and being rescued by some locals who fed us and gave us a roof over our head for the night. To having my leg operated on after a spider bite in a strangers living room. Time after time, and in the most vulnerable situations, I was only met with help and kindness. It’s not to say that there is no evil in the world, but more to say a lot of the enemy doesn’t exist and it’s not until you open yourself up to other people that you get to realize that.” – Kyan

We recommend adding Kyan’s “Neighbours” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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