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Kyan performs his “Lonely River” single live at Abbey Road Studios

Kyan is a singer-songwriter and producer from Cambridge, England. Not too long ago, he performed his “Lonely River” single live at Abbey Road Studios.

Kyan – “Lonely River” (Acoustic Version)

“We’re obsessed with labels, and I’ve never felt comfortable with labels and boxes or ceilings. There are this expectation and pressure to choose a path, but it’s always felt more natural to me to be more like a river. Fluid, meandering and able to follow multiple routes to a given destination. Lyrically, that’s what ‘Lonely River’ is about, an awareness that you can be different and do things differently to other people and be comfortable with that. Art is found and beauty is made in the quirks, the mistakes and the freedom of expression. ‘Lonely River’ is an anthem embracing that.” – Kyan

Nile Rodgers recently labeled Kyan a genius, a young Mozart. From the looks of this masterful performance, we wholeheartedly agree. Not too long ago, the young crooner released his “Nothing Beyond/Like Summer” project, which caused an online stir. Shortly afterward, he delivered a blissful performance during his COLORS session.

Kyan – “Lonely River”

Kyan + "Lonely River" artwork

‘Lonely River’ tells the tale of a strong-willed young man; his nature is wild and free like a river. He’s untamable and usually flows against precepts that society sets to keep its inhabitants in check.

Also, the original version contains an adventurous narrative, soulful vocals, and drum-driven instrumentation oozing with hip-hop and negro-spiritual elements.

In conclusion, Kyan is an artist you need to keep an ear out for. Therefore, we recommend adding his “Lonely River” single to your personal playlist.

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