Kayla DiVenere press photo

Kayla DiVenere unveils an attractive music video for her “Justin Bieber” single

Kayla DiVenere is a young singer-songwriter, musician, and actress based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an entertaining music video for her “Justin Bieber” single.

Kayla DiVenere – “Justin Bieber” single

“Oh my god, I wanna stare at your face forever. Not a single flaw, you’re beautiful as a Hollywood treasure. You’re pulling me close, I freak out. On pins and needles, I’m weak now. I didn’t know reality could be like a dream, but you made me a believer. You give me feelings like Justin Bieber, I’m livin’ out all my fantasies. God damn, you’re some kinda perfect creature. You could be my boyfriend, I could be your baby.” – lyrics

The Zane Productions-directed music video finds Kayla DiVenere living out her fan-girl fantasy in the most adorable way possible. With great enthusiasm, she spends quality time indoors with the object of her desire, a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout. Throughout the video, the fantasy couple does things real couples do like waking up next to each other and eating breakfast across the table from one another. 

“You could be my boyfriend and I can be your, baby.”  

Kayla DiVenere press photo

“‘Justin Bieber’ conveys a comedic side to infatuation, where reality and Hollywood life blend together. He was every young girl’s dream celebrity crush, leading me to write a song that is so relatable. My motive is for everyone out there to find their own Justin Bieber, someone who gives them that special feeling of butterflies that everyone deserves. Bieber was always a role model and inspired me to play multiple instruments and follow my passion.” – Kayla DiVenere stated

Kayla DiVenere is an actress who is taking over televisions around the U.S. So far, she is known for her roles on several hit TV shows including Law & Order, Hulu’s “Love, Victor,” and Hulu’s “Light as a Feather;” and feature films such as “Under the Silver Lake.” Despite the huge success she met through acting, Kayla’s desire to examine music intensified as she explored instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, drums, and bass. However, it wasn’t until Kayla really immersed herself in the world of music that she discovered the art of songwriting. Since then, her music career has taken off.

“Justin Bieber” single

Kayla DiVenere - “Justin Bieber” cover

‘Justin Bieber’ contains an infatuation-based narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and catchy melodies. Also, the charming tune possesses vibey instrumentation wonderfully flavored with a commercial pop aroma. Furthermore, “Justin Bieber” serves as another great statement of intent from an artist who is well on her way to securing the top spot on everyone’s pop playlist.

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