Kayla DiVenere - “Jumping the Gun” press photo
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Fall In Love With Kayla DiVenere & Her Brand New Single, “Jumping The Gun”

Kayla DiVenere (@ kayladivenere)  is a young singer-songwriter, musician, and actress based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric video for her dreamy alternative-pop single, “Jumping the Gun,” via Sound Factory Records.

Kayla DiVenere – “Jumping the Gun” lyric video

“Two shots and I’m jumping the gun again. Two words, baby, you got me wondering. Everything about you I wanna know, and like any place you are, yeah, I wanna go. Two shots and I’m jumping the gun again. Two words and I’m leaving without my friends. I’ll tell them all about you when I’m broken and numb cause that’s what I get for jumping the gun.” – lyrics

‘Jumping the Gun’ tells an exciting tale about when Kayla DiVenere encountered a guy sporting a black leather jacket in Los Angeles. They talked for maybe two seconds, but it felt like two years. She assumes he came with a good-looking actress or a woman who’s surely cooler than she is. “He probably wakes up at noon looking like modern art,” she thinks to herself, and at the same time, imagines them being together in the near future. Later, Kayla admits, “My friends say I fall too fast, they’re right, but let me fantasize.”

‘Jumping the Gun’ is a cool tune that will surely resonate well with anyone who meets someone new, and that person stays stuck in your head like the words to your favorite song that you will never forget. The infatuation-based tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an alternative pop vibration.

“God, he’s so much f***ing cooler than me.”

Kayla DiVenere - “Jumping the Gun” lyric video still photo
Photo by Lili Pape

“‘Jumping The Gun’ came from a fleeting interaction that most would overlook. I walked into a Hollywood horror movie premiere and asked the last person in line at the photo booth if this was where the line started. He asked for my name, I asked for his, and that was about it. The interaction lasted max 2 minutes but leave it to a teenage girl to romanticize everything. I couldn’t stop talking to my friend about him the whole night, imagining our entire relationship before it even existed.” – Kayla DiVenere explained

Kayla DiVenere has appeared on several hit TV shows. She is best known for her roles on Law & Order, Hulu’s Love, Victor, and Light as a Feather, as well as feature films such as Under the Silver Lake. The multi-talented star is taking advantage of every opportunity that comes her way and her success has not gone unnoticed.

Despite the huge success she had through acting, her desire to pursue music intensified as she explored other instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, drums, and bass. It wasn’t until Kayla immersed herself in the world of music that she discovered the art of songwriting. Since then, her music career has taken off.

Kayla DiVenere – “Jumping the Gun” single

Kayla DiVenere - “Jumping the Gun” cover

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