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Julius Rodriguez releases a remarkable jazz rendition of the beloved Stevie Wonder classic, entitled, “All I Do”

Julius Rodriguez is a rising jazz phenom, multi-talented pianist, drummer, and producer based in New York. Not too long ago, he released a remarkable jazz rendition of “All I Do,” the beloved Stevie Wonder classic single. Rodriguez spiced up the classic Motown tune by referencing Tammi Terrell’s 1966 version of the song and infused it with shimmering lyrical jazz pianism.

Julius Rodriguez – “All I Do” lyric video

“You made my soul a burning fire, you’re getting to be my one desire. You’re getting to be all that matters to me. And let me tell you, boy, I hope and pray each day I live – a little more love I have to give. A little more love that’s devoted and true ’cause all I do is think about you. And baby, just suppose I should happen to cross your mind. And by some chance, a girl like me you’ve really been trying to find.” – lyrics

‘All I Do’ calls to mind Julius Rodriguez’s early days at Smalls Jazz Club, embracing a more traditional jazz sound but infusing it with the rich tapestry of soul and gospel sounds.

The charming tune tells an adorable tale about a young woman who finds herself constantly thinking about her love interest throughout the day and nighttime hours. Apparently, she would rather be alone if she couldn’t have her sweetheart by her side. Later, she tells her darling, “Think how exciting it would be if you should discover you feel like me? If you should discover this dream is for two?” With a loving heart, she adds, “I’d light a candle every day and pray that you always feel this way.”

“I’d rather keep thinking the way that I do ’cause all I do is think about you.”

Julius Rodriguez press photo
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Julius Rodriguez tapped his childhood friend and singer-songwriter, Mariah Cameron, to sing lead vocals on this track. She does a magnificent job approaching the tune with a mid-century Motown take, belting with a purity of sound, backed up by vocals by South African jazz artist, Vuyo Sotashe. Ben Wolfe, Rodriguez’s Juilliard professor and legendary bassist (Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick, Jr.) adds a swinging, walking backbeat, buoyed by Stay Human’s drummer, Joe Saylor. Furthermore, Rodriguez takes the lead on piano, deftly weaving from supporting comps to Oscar Peterson-level laid-back excellence.

‘All I Do’ contains a love-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will surely resonate well with fans of Stevie Wonder and Tammi Terrell. The nostalgic tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with Adult Contemporary, retro soul, and contemporary jazz elements. Furthermore, “All I Do” is the second single from Julius Rodriguez’s upcoming major-label debut album, entitled, “Let Sound Tell All,” set for release on June 10, 2022, via Verve Records. The project finds the 23-year-old Rodriguez stirring a cauldron of jazz, gospel, classical, R&B, hip-hop, experimentation, production, and sheer technical wizardry to create a stunning debut that commands attention.

‘Let Sound Tell All’ is a complex combination of live improvisation weaved with high-level production. A song may start out in a well-oiled, Coltrane classic quartet energy and fed through distortion pedals to culminate in an exhilarating trippy meltdown of sheer sonic genius.


Julius Rodriguez press photo
Photo by EBAR @ebar.photo

As an 11-year-old child, Rodriguez honed his jazz chops at Smalls Jazz Club, wowing audiences with his rendition of his favorite Ellington tune, “Take the A Train.” Fast forward to 2018, when he dropped out of Juilliard, shimmying off the rigid curriculum to tour with A$AP Rocky. Now, in 2022, Rodriguez is on the cusp of a stellar release that weaves his life and influences from Monk, Coltrane, Solange, James Blake, and Sampha. His music is as much at home in Smalls Jazz Club as it is at Gov Ball.

Call him Gen-Z jazz, but when you hear Julius Rodriguez play “the music,” as he calls it, it’s a modern sound, as fluent in history as it is aware of its contemporary context. His music dares to imagine a future of new standards and musical trailblazing. This vanguard was raised in an atmosphere where pop and hip-hop and dance influenced their approaches to melody and harmony and rhythm. So of course, it is part of their improvisational DNA. And that’s what Julius Rodriguez’s sound tells to whoever will choose to listen.

Julius Rodriguez – “All I Do” single

Julius Rodriguez - “Let Sound Tell All” album cover art

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