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Jay Warren releases a beautiful love song, entitled, “Moment”

Jay Warren is a Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter from San Diego. Not too long ago, he released a beautiful love song, entitled, “Moment”.

Jay Warren – “Moment” single

“If you only knew how amazing you are. With just a smile you changed my whole world. And I could spend forever lying here in your arms, and show you what it means to be loved. Let me hold your hands and see you smile and say you’re mine for a little while. Please for a moment or two.” – lyrics

‘Moment’ tells an evergreen love story of a young man who values a very special moment which he spends with his significant other. Apparently, during this starry-eyed moment, the desirable woman, with who he shares this budding relationship, smiles an enchanting smile that changes his entire outlook on life. Just standing there, with his emotions flaring, he holds her hands for a few simple minutes while confessing his love for her. But his persuasive speech is so incredible that the woman doesn’t believe he truly loves her the way he says he does. That prompts him to promise in due time that he will prove her wrong.

Jay Warren – “Moment” single

Jay Warren – “Moment” artwork

“‘Moment’ is the reassurance so many people need when jumping into a new relationship. So many have been hurt in the past or had trust broken. It makes it difficult to start a new relationship without walls or reservations. ‘Moment’ is the recognition of that hurt and a promise that it won’t happen again. It’s the sentiment of wanting to be with your partner for as long as the universe will allow it. It’s a devoted love that gives and doesn’t take. Even if we don’t currently have that level of devotion, for a moment, we can experience it through this song.” Nate Waite, writer

‘Moment’ contains a relatable storyline, soothing silk vocals, and slow-burning instrumentation flavored with classic soul and modern R&B elements. The heartfelt tune is an ode to an old friend, a past love, or future happiness.

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