Harley Luck - “Cloud Cover” EP press photo
Photo by James Lebenthal

Discover Harley Luck’s “Cloud Cover” EP: An Introspective Musical Journey

Harley Luck (@harley__luck) is an up-and-coming indie pop-rock artist. Not too long ago, he released his 5-track debut EP, “Cloud Cover,” which takes listeners on a wonderful musical journey. The title comes from a metaphor that helped Harley verbalize his past experiences. He penned “Cloud Cover” on a quiet night in an apartment just outside of New York City, with trains passing by and the distant city lights providing an inspiring backdrop. The EP is an introspective and emotionally charged body of work that offers an insightful reflection on teenage love and its complexities.

Harley Luck – “Cloud Cover” EP

Harley Luck - “Cloud Cover” EP cover art

“Growing up, I always heard people say, ‘I wish I could lay in the clouds.’ With such a soft appearance, they look like the perfect place to take a nap. While they look fluffy and comfortable, their looks are misleading and if you were to try to lay in the clouds, you would fall through. This idea of wanting something that you know you can’t have is a metaphor for my experiences. There was a girl that I liked, and I knew I couldn’t be with because we were friends and I doubted that she felt the same way. Even though I understood the reality of it, I still became infatuated with the idea of it all. This EP is me verbalizing my emotions while going through this rollercoaster of coping with reality.” – Harley Luck explained

“Cloud Cover” is a poignant exploration of teenage romance and heartbreak, capturing the essence of coming of age and the universal experiences that resonate with most teenagers. Written and produced by Harley Luck, the EP offers a unique blend of youthful energy within its lyrics and themes, artfully juxtaposed with mature instrumentation and production.


The EP’s tracklist is a carefully crafted narrative that mirrors the stages of infatuation and heartache. It kicks off with the energetic and infectious “Stay,” representing the initial infatuation, expressing the desire for someone to stay in your life.


“Alive” follows, delving deeper into the blossoming emotions, as real memories and connections begin to form, making the experience feel tangible and euphoric.

“Cut Off”

The EP takes a pivotal turn with “Cut Off,” reflecting the moment when ambiguity and mixed signals begin to cast doubts on the feasibility of being with the person you like. This marks the point where infatuation starts to shift into something seemingly unattainable.


On “Cupid,” the narrative reaches its climax. It’s the moment when reality strikes and the painful revelation emerges that feelings are not reciprocated. The metaphor of falling through the once-desired clouds takes center stage, portraying the loss of innocence and the return to stark reality.


Closing the EP is “Cloud,” the focus track, which carries a reflective and almost cinematic quality. It serves as the soundtrack for introspection and looking back at the journey, akin to a movie’s pivotal scene where the protagonist reflects on the plot. Whether it’s taking nighttime walks under the stars, gazing at the clouds, or simply craving the initial infatuation, this song encapsulates it all.

Harley Luck

Harley Luck - “Cloud Cover” EP press photo
Photo by James Lebenthal

Harley Luck’s distinctive indie pop-rock sound, driven by evocative guitar arrangements, captures the raw emotions of each track. Influenced by a diverse range of artists like Harry Styles, Dominic Fike, Niall Horan, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, The Maine, Five Seconds of Summer, Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, and more, the EP offers a unique sonic experience that resonates with a wide audience.

Harley Luck’s musical odyssey began in his bedroom, offering solace for his anxiety. Using music as his therapy, he merged beats and poetry, forging a love for storytelling through song. His ability to convey emotions, even those inexperienced, grants him creative freedom, while his diverse musical palate shapes songs that stand apart.

Explore Harley Luck’s “Cloud Cover” EP

Harley Luck - “Cloud Cover” EP press photo
Photo by James Lebenthal

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